Wolverine Face-Off!

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Officially titled "Phantom of the Wilderness" this special edition of Breaking Trial will chronicle Coyote Peterson's epic adventure to come face-to-face with one of the stealthiness predators on the planet, the Wolverine!
Since his youth, Coyote has dreamed of the day that he would meet a real live Wolverine. Admittedly not the typical wish of an 8 year old but it was his pursuit nonetheless. His favorite toy, Gulo the stuffed Wolverine, served as a constant reminder through the years to hold his ambition near and never allow it to escape his imagination.
Fast forward 26 years later. Coyote and the Brave Wilderness crew are setting off for not only the adventure of a lifetime but also to meet the creature that's stirred Coyote’s curiosity since the beginning...and of all places for this final act to take place, our story lands the team right in the middle of one of the most epic expanses of wilderness on the planet, Alaska.
Get ready for jaws, claws and one epic Wolverine Face-Off!

HUGE THANKS to Steve Kroschel and his amazing team for hosting the Brave Wilderness crew and making this video possible. Our experience at Steve’s wildlife center was beyond amazing! If you’d like to make plans to have your very own Wolverine encounter please visit his website for information on booking a tour today! -

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    jonathan c

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    dude’s a crackhead

  4. ken glass

    ken glass

    2 kun oldin

    That Wolverine guy is a great man, it was an honor to watch this.

  5. Dat Guy

    Dat Guy

    4 kun oldin

    Honest too goodness nice change up. 👍

  6. cursed artifact

    cursed artifact

    4 kun oldin

    I feel like him and the wolverine do ayauasca together on weekends.

  7. Shucks


    6 kun oldin

    Do wolverines really require all that training and noises? Or was that him just trying to be entertaining/funny?

  8. Saba Gebre

    Saba Gebre

    7 kun oldin

    I saw lynx with my grandma



    7 kun oldin

    Logan got a little smaller

  10. DrVissie GD

    DrVissie GD

    9 kun oldin

    I already know he’s gonna do all that just for a cute little wolverine to come out and play

  11. derek Rohan

    derek Rohan

    9 kun oldin

    I feel like Steve would really be getting on my nerves if I was coyote.. but that’s just me.. I’m sure he is a great guy and everything

  12. derek Rohan

    derek Rohan

    9 kun oldin

    17:12 😐 This has got to be a joke for the camera. I feel like everyone would be laughing behind the cameras and what not if it wasn’t... I dunno tho who knows 🤷‍♂️

  13. nmarkert01


    10 kun oldin

    Imagine being conditioned by doing a few sprints hahaha

  14. Harris Papadopoulos

    Harris Papadopoulos

    11 kun oldin

    Steve being like: You are more crazy than I am obviously , deal...

  15. Ville Lapinsalo

    Ville Lapinsalo

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    "i'm coyote peterson and i'm about to wrestle a pack of wolves"

  16. Candy Hernandez

    Candy Hernandez

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    why dont you get a blob fish please do it

  17. Jono Leech

    Jono Leech

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    Shows you the kind of wacko that owns a wolverine

  18. SeyNeo


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    i feel like Steve just wanted to test how insane coyote is

  19. 1timerod


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    Why did you even Entertain this nut job🗣

  20. Wxnder YT

    Wxnder YT

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    The wolverine is my school mask cot

  21. Guuns_


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    Things they don't teach you at school:

  22. Francis Petrik

    Francis Petrik

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    he is like the animal activist version of steve-o

  23. Peter Rizzo

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    That was awesome!

  24. 1966 Mustang GT

    1966 Mustang GT

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    Steve Kroschel is quite the odd fellow it seems

  25. Brandi Mullins

    Brandi Mullins

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    I cant tell if this video is a joke or not. Like, is this Steve guy serious or was this for the laughs? I'm very confused by this video...

  26. Brandi Mullins

    Brandi Mullins

    20 kun oldin

    Alt title: Coyote Peterson learns how to become a mountain man and be one with nature

  27. Cam


    21 kun oldin

    @ 8:26 wearing shoes you're really missing out.....STEVE....@ 15:08 whats with the shoes????

  28. Alexis Million

    Alexis Million

    23 kun oldin

    You should get some boots

  29. Some Guy

    Some Guy

    24 kun oldin

    Having seen footage of a wolverine killing a wolf and how it did it... This dude is acting like it's a dog i got the feeling that wolverine was giving off the "im contemplating tearing out your throat" signal when he started challenging it for its food. Not a second after, guy was like time for you to leave. Amazing creature though the pine martin really is crazy.

  30. Corinna Sales

    Corinna Sales

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    Great videos coming from coyote

  31. Kelvin Potter

    Kelvin Potter

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    After I left my house 🏠 was going out of my house 🏡 was doing my phone Hell



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    Love u coyotee love ur effort and attraction through animals

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    Steve be on the crack

  34. Ayana Maginga

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    I love it so much

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    Wolverine Wilderness

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    My mascot...

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    Steve wanted to say yes so bad

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    227 Kim

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    It was not even listening to sleve

  39. 227 Kim

    227 Kim

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    Bro Steve's so call wolverine language dpes not work and that sucks

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  46. Robot Ethan23

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    When you realize that coyote been through so many bites and stings that he literally walks bare foot and wants to get bit by the skull of a wolverine

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    Dice Flawless

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    Wait, so where's the adamantium in that wolverine skull???

  50. Mytro


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    When he was talling wolverine language i couldn't stop laughing

  51. Dustin Vasko

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    No one: Me: *silently hums the Michigan fight song when the wolverine appears*

  52. M1CR0 GAMER


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    That was a movie right there

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    This guy reminds of Cody Lundin or maybe a Timothy treadwell.

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    Who's saying Hi?

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    panther guys

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  64. Bama 334

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    i bet Steve is saying to himself "aw god this dude is crazier than i am" 🤣🤣

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    you should have your show on netflix bro. or a bigger platform. your stuff is a lot better than NAT GEO and Animal Planet.

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    This looks like training to become a ninja

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    17:17 NYAA-

  68. Ryan Leffew

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    The wolverine is cute but when you see his teeth you are like “AHHH”.

  69. Carolina Hepler

    Carolina Hepler

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    Steve: this is a mini Wolverine on drugs Me: when did you guys get my puppy on this show.

  70. Carolina Hepler

    Carolina Hepler

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    Thanks to him I want to work with animals just like him. He is a real inspiration. It is my dream to work with animals. Now I see him and I think it is really possible to work with animals.

  71. Kanzi H5779

    Kanzi H5779

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    coyote is the best

  72. Raphael Georgiou

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    A bit over dramatic for my liking...

  76. Niclas T

    Niclas T

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    this got to be the first guy I even understod when he said, you got to learn the language of the Wolverine. Amazing animal.

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  94. Fortweeb


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    I’m still curious what’s the mystery creature they mentioned?

    • Matthew Mouland

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  98. ud


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