Venomous Octopus Defends the Reef!

On this episode of Blue Wilderness, Mark and the crew are back at Grand Cayman Island… but this time for a space odyssey-like night dive unlike anything you’ve seen before. They are in search for something truly unique at the edge of the Caribbean Sea and the only way to find it is to dive into the dark abyss to shed light on the alien-like creatures that call this reef home, including the LARGEST venomous octopus we’ve ever featured on the Brave Wilderness channel! What else will they come across? Watch now to find out!
Get ready, you're about to see an incredible venomous octopus defending its reef in the darkness of the sea!
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    The beauty of this film. The calming sound of his voice. The genuine interest and care for these creatures and their habitats. These are some of the reasons I subscribed. BW♡♡♡

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  11. Went Hulk

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    Octopus being from another planet............. really? That really lowers one's cred. Oh sure octopuses are interesting. But octopuses being aliens is ludicrous. And there is fossil record evidence for octopuses.

  12. Suchita Shinkre

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    The thumbnail looks like the octopus flipped a table.

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    OMG! You missed a box fish that came right after the squid! But the animals you DID talk about are awesome too!

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    That's not king crab that people eat y'all.. the pincers are different

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    I love watching this series and think the ocean is so beautiful and misunderstood. (next episode you should go to Cancun Mexico) I went to Cancun last summer and swim with whale sharks and loved it 🌊

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    An average of 10000 people die from octopus bites

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