On this episode of Breaking Trail, Mario and the crew are back in California to work with the critically endangered California Condor! This time, Mario is in a bird blind to attempt to trap some Condors to evaluate their health for the season. Will he be successful? Watch to find out!
Get ready to see Mario TRAPPED in a BIRD BOX!
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  10. UnionPacific1337


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    Rebeca Velasco

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  22. SuperNoodle


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    Honestly I love how you can see how used to their jobs they are when they’re just casually eating while a carcass is being devoured in front of them. It’s kind of funny.

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    denel cansenaje

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    denel cansenaje

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  35. Driftcraft


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    Tiny Pirate

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  43. Contrapunctus XV

    Contrapunctus XV

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  44. Lava 321

    Lava 321

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  45. Music Junkie

    Music Junkie

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    A Random Weeb

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    Leonardo Machado

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    Captain Thimble Plays

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    Unicorn Purple Cat

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  63. The Random Life of FAITH

    The Random Life of FAITH

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    5k subscribers with no uploads challenge

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