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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote Peterson gets STUNG by a Yellow Jacket!
While yes a Yellow Jacket sting isn’t quite comparable to that of a Bullet Ant they certainly are still painful and are something more people are likely to be stung by on a daily basis. Especially at things we all enjoy including picnics, hiking and even sporting events!
So the point of this video is to not only show you the effects of such a sting but also how to treat one. To do this Coyote will once again use a highly effective insect sting remedy to cure his aliment, and that product is non other than Sting Kill!
Get ready to see Coyote take on the sting of the Yellow Jacket and learn just how effective having Sting Kill in your kit can be in these situations!
HUGE THANKS to Sting Kill for sponsoring this video and providing their sting relief products to help Coyote treat his Yellow Jacket stings. For more info on Sting Kill products please visit their website -
*Please never attempt what you see in this video and NEVER intentionally get stung or bitten by any insect*
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  1. Fox Twister Coasters

    Fox Twister Coasters

    6 soat oldin

    Its fun to know that you live pretty close to my town :)

  2. Amir Archie

    Amir Archie

    16 soat oldin

    Looking like a ghost buster

  3. James Denoia

    James Denoia

    20 soat oldin

    Me after being stung by a yellow jacket, hell even a common bee: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!! Coyote: Ow

  4. Bella Paniagua

    Bella Paniagua

    21 soat oldin

    Did the sting hurt 😢

  5. Bella Paniagua

    Bella Paniagua

    21 soat oldin

    Coyote did the sting hurt

  6. Bella Paniagua

    Bella Paniagua

    21 soat oldin

    Coyote do you go to the doctor when you get these bites

  7. Dubravko GamingYT

    Dubravko GamingYT

    Kun oldin

    Do you guys know that sting does not really hurt, happened to me few zimes and all you have to do is put some ocat thing

  8. muhammad zharfan

    muhammad zharfan

    Kun oldin

    Do a yellow jack sting hurt

  9. Ryan Wulff

    Ryan Wulff

    Kun oldin

    I once had a WASP in my house and it was so close to stinging me

  10. Meg Perkins

    Meg Perkins

    Kun oldin

    I got bit by 25 of those

  11. xX fandom girl Xx

    xX fandom girl Xx

    2 kun oldin

    I was stung by a yellow jacket once, i was 6 or 7 when it happend and it was in my ear and my ear just swallowed up

  12. snakyYT


    2 kun oldin

    duct tape fixes everything lol

  13. megan reed

    megan reed

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  14. Ale’s Fun

    Ale’s Fun

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    i got stung by a yellow jacket

  15. Adriyan Petkov

    Adriyan Petkov

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    The Juice

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    How can a jacket sting you..

  20. Ashley Walters

    Ashley Walters

    3 kun oldin

    OK well i watched a thing and it said if you let the bee spin it can survive a sting i tried it hurt but it worked

  21. Tamara B

    Tamara B

    3 kun oldin

    Are you ever nervous

  22. Bradley Zuleta

    Bradley Zuleta

    4 kun oldin

    did the yellow jacket start buzzing when coyote placed it on his forearm?

  23. LazyTime YT

    LazyTime YT

    4 kun oldin

    why do I always mistakenly hear hornies everytime?

  24. LazyTime YT

    LazyTime YT

    4 kun oldin

    everytime I looked at this, it reminded me of yellowjacket from marvel comics (not mcu)

  25. ItsVibinBloxyYT


    5 kun oldin

    Title: Stung By A Yellow Jacket My mom: *Grab you're YELLOW JACKET!*

    • ItsVibinBloxyYT


      4 soat oldin

      I'm not even from Brazil. And fix you're grammar "KID".

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    Emilija Marciulionyte

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    cory davies

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    He's a GhostBuster with the vacuum

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    Coyote’s Mansion: Dark Moon

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    jean playz

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    Dude im in the philipines and some times i get itches and ITS LITERALLY THE SHAPE OF YOUR BEE STUNG im scared now

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    Jayden Haywood

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    "I'm Coyote Peterson" His Body: NOT AGAIN

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    Father salamander phylogenetic mechanic the father salamander phylogeny and toddlers and young adults evangelism mother salamander phylogenetic korean new year families of salamanders

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    My random Mind

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    My random Mind

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  50. Dreadful Dragon's Burrito

    Dreadful Dragon's Burrito

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  51. pixeled_ ninja15

    pixeled_ ninja15

    12 kun oldin

    this is why i hate summer i work on a food truck so summer is just working a lot more and longer than usual and then you have wasps to deal with when you go outside its just annoying so i prefer winter tbh.

  52. Mekhi Currington

    Mekhi Currington

    13 kun oldin

    Yellow jackets don’t hurt that much I don’t know why.

  53. Ali Ali

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  56. Ash Ashy

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    Joeigh Jerome

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    RLC Main

    16 kun oldin

    Welcome to another episode of "where does the pandemic lead me"

  64. Fresh Edgar

    Fresh Edgar

    17 kun oldin

    Dude does it really hurt that much bc I am 9 and I have bin stung 9 times with Theo’s 1 when I was 3 4 when I was 7 and 2 when I was 8 and 2 when I was 9

  65. Mysha Ogunbadejo

    Mysha Ogunbadejo

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  67. Does van tongeren

    Does van tongeren

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    No one: little kid gets stung him: Ive been stung by a wasp, I’m dying. Him: ouch

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    Fred Bear Masters

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    Wow i love animals and i love your channel

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    Jennifer Diaz

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    Anastacia Genrik

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    Bret Abrecht jr

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    Neethi B

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    Eshal Nasir

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    Eshal Nasir

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    Katie Peterson be careful I don’t want you to hurt yourself and don’t do these bad stuff because your blood going lots of blood this quick you should stop doing thisGet one month of a holiday because you’re being hurt a lot from your blood is in Ghana and down stop blocking your blood

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    Nathan Wells

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    Lorraine Day

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  97. Tsunami


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    I had the unfortunate event of getting stung by a hornet nest. An entire nest. One as big as a basketball.

  98. jinwon jang

    jinwon jang

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  99. CronkySquibbs


    28 kun oldin

    This guy is the type of guy to laugh when he steps on a lego

    • Dubravko GamingYT

      Dubravko GamingYT

      Soat oldin

      @CronkySquibbs probably overthinked yourself

    • CronkySquibbs


      4 soat oldin

      Well my legos when i stepped on them i cried

    • Dubravko GamingYT

      Dubravko GamingYT

      9 soat oldin

      @CronkySquibbs a lot of times, you barely feel it

    • CronkySquibbs


      10 soat oldin

      @Dubravko GamingYT have you even stepped on a lego

    • Dubravko GamingYT

      Dubravko GamingYT

      Kun oldin

      But that does not hurt at all

  100. L A Smith

    L A Smith

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    this was so scary my sister hates bees and bugs XD