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On this episode, Mark and the crew are in Utah at Snow Canyon State Park where they're about to experience a first for the Brave Crew... exploring inside a VOLCANO! So, what exactly is it like to step inside a volcanic crater and lava tube? Watch now to find out!
Welcome to Adventures With Me! These expeditions will take the Brave Wilderness audience to new heights and explore everywhere under the sun. Join us to experience a world of adventure through our lens.

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    Imagine if it erupted.

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    Did you all know you'll are dead when you all die again youho to another universe and your memories get deleted and you get a new life if this comment hits 5000 like ill tell you more and how I know

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    When Coyote is here: Im Coyote Peterson and were about to touch the magma.

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    that valcano is not a valcano..

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    Oh no hope you don’t get burnt

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    Wow, great video and you all doing awesome job!! I hope all is well. Have a good day and afternoon.

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    Cinder cone?They are extinct? Well it’s not dormant, not active soooo



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    hola Brave Wilderness

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    Cayote : I’m about to enter the heat zone with a volcano. Mark : I’m going home. Cayote: the volcano is my new home! Good bye

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    In the seventh of October in 2020 this has 666K views..... that is another reason 2020 is cursed

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