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On this episode, Coyote and Mario decide they want to create their very own Brave Wilderness official STAY WILD meal - Jack Black and Travis Scott created their own meals, so why can't we?! So, will this be your next order at Burger King?! Watch now to find out what's on the Barnyard Belly Buster... and then you can decide if it sounds tasty enough to order! P.S. If you do end up ordering it, be sure to tell them that Coyote sent you.
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  1. Evertoncc vucvcmcc,mmcx Murraynvcf

    Evertoncc vucvcmcc,mmcx Murraynvcf

    6 daqiqa oldin

    this is so cool!

  2. Aqua Marine

    Aqua Marine

    4 soat oldin

    I tried the Stay Wild meal! It’s actually really really good!

  3. aaron shrestha

    aaron shrestha

    Kun oldin

    Coyote: wild meal Me: oh coyote started to make mukbang



    Kun oldin

    i was eating spaggeti during this

  5. Donnie Greathouse

    Donnie Greathouse

    Kun oldin

    Ya randy from trailer park boys makes the exact same sandwich. I've had it. Its pretty damn good

  6. Maine Thurston

    Maine Thurston

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  7. Maine Thurston

    Maine Thurston

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  8. jam 168

    jam 168

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    medium root beer is huge o_0

  9. OfficialRyssen


    3 kun oldin

    Medium size cup?? That's more like extra large size in sweden :D

  10. selam berhe

    selam berhe

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    i love this guy he is so amazing

  11. t t

    t t

    4 kun oldin

    4:28 um well a Macdonald sprite

  12. Fying Horse

    Fying Horse

    4 kun oldin

    Root beer is my favorite too LOL

  13. Derrick Lopez Vences

    Derrick Lopez Vences

    5 kun oldin

    docter pepper is better

  14. Eat my shorts

    Eat my shorts

    5 kun oldin

    I take it Burger Kings one of his

  15. Latios _Conga

    Latios _Conga

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    well- uh,why

  16. Andrew Sacks

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  17. Elliott Meadows

    Elliott Meadows

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    What did you eat your onion ring

  18. Peter Tarasenko

    Peter Tarasenko

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    I would try it but we dont have burger king in Australia

  19. Roman Gorfinkel

    Roman Gorfinkel

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    I love Root Beer

  20. Megan McCarthy

    Megan McCarthy

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  21. Elliot Meinhart

    Elliot Meinhart

    8 kun oldin

    i tried the stay wild meal it was so good!

  22. Førgøtton Spirit

    Førgøtton Spirit

    9 kun oldin

    This is basically a Coyote Peterson ASMR episode

  23. Blaine


    10 kun oldin

    So a bk mcgangbang with onion rings and bbq sounds good!

  24. Karlie Shepard

    Karlie Shepard

    10 kun oldin

    ummm that do not look good

  25. The Octojelly

    The Octojelly

    11 kun oldin

    I work at a bk. I'm makin this for myself next time I'm in.

  26. Armando roblox

    Armando roblox

    11 kun oldin

    *watches burger King* *gets burger King ad*

  27. DiamondGirl299


    11 kun oldin

    i cant be the only one in Australia where its called Hungry Jacks right?

  28. EoCo Summer

    EoCo Summer

    12 kun oldin

    I’ve tried everything he ordered and is bomb

  29. Infininity


    12 kun oldin

    Memers: Travis Scott burger Me: stay wild burger

  30. Brendonata123


    13 kun oldin

    Peep the napkin still on the plant behind him😂

  31. Farhaan Badurdeen

    Farhaan Badurdeen

    13 kun oldin

    Delicious 😋 🍔



    13 kun oldin

    You know I actually think it’s better the the Jack Black serf and turf meal!

  33. Olivia Cornelius

    Olivia Cornelius

    13 kun oldin

    why is your store so expensive

  34. 서효경


    13 kun oldin

    Okay about having a burger from burger king and a medium root beer for BREAKFAST....



    14 kun oldin

    He went from studying animals to being a mukbanger

  36. Varanya Shukla

    Varanya Shukla

    14 kun oldin

    Looks tasty , I will try making this

  37. Jaisal Lakum

    Jaisal Lakum

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    I want heart

  38. Ivan Tehua

    Ivan Tehua

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    😀You,re so cool

  39. Ivan Tehua

    Ivan Tehua

    15 kun oldin

    When will you swim next to a whale if you,re brave inuf of cours.

  40. Ivan Tehua

    Ivan Tehua

    15 kun oldin

    Could and would you swim next to a whale without a sub?

  41. Musa Raza

    Musa Raza

    15 kun oldin

    Burger: I'm about to enter the "BITE ZONE" with coyote peterson, in 1 2 3 aAaAhHhHhHhHh

  42. Amy Dwight

    Amy Dwight

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    I love burger king 🤩

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    Jennifer Valdez

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  44. Raymundo Zamora

    Raymundo Zamora

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  45. The Jin experience!

    The Jin experience!

    16 kun oldin

    7:20, the tissue landed on Plant, HAHAHAHAHA!!

  46. johan fauni

    johan fauni

    16 kun oldin

    this man is a legend for showing me this

  47. lightofmylife1


    16 kun oldin

    i"m surprised you eat meat, lol

  48. Adam Barakat

    Adam Barakat

    17 kun oldin

    is this video sponsored by burger king

  49. Weble Robot

    Weble Robot

    17 kun oldin

    Who lives in the pinnaple under the see?

  50. Saadeddine Abrar Mohammed

    Saadeddine Abrar Mohammed

    17 kun oldin

    Is root beer actually beer, like alcohol. Never heard of it because I'm a muslim in UAE and it is typically not served in public

  51. 2RoyalMvP


    18 kun oldin

    “W E T M Y W H I S T L E

  52. Weble Robot

    Weble Robot

    18 kun oldin

    That sandwich looks goo buh like I want to eat it!!! YUMMy yummy in my mouthy 🤤 😋

  53. Madman-maddex


    18 kun oldin

    Badlands chugs be like, "that looks tasty"

  54. Cadence Vallarta

    Cadence Vallarta

    19 kun oldin

    Coyote I really want the stay wild meal can I have it at any Burger King .

  55. Ferdinand Kurniawan

    Ferdinand Kurniawan

    19 kun oldin

    Did you just throw dirty tissue paper at a plabt in the background?

  56. Cats


    19 kun oldin

    Now im hungry

  57. Richard Davis

    Richard Davis

    20 kun oldin

    If you like chicken go to chikenlickin it's in south africa so yea please try it

  58. Isabella Serafano

    Isabella Serafano

    20 kun oldin

    Why does this make me hungry?

  59. Danny Le

    Danny Le

    21 kun oldin

    Brave Wilderness is now Mukbang Wilderness

  60. Yuto Kurata

    Yuto Kurata

    21 kun oldin

    Coyote idk what’s wrong with you and that burger... is it the stings you took?

  61. Grady MC

    Grady MC

    22 kun oldin

    Him eating chocolate pie: MHM MHM MHM MHM

  62. Daniel Zhang

    Daniel Zhang

    22 kun oldin

    Wow that burger 🍔 looks so yummy 🤤 and wile I’m watching you eat it makes my saliva out

  63. Starlet GT

    Starlet GT

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    Ooooooooo nice

  64. Galaxy


    23 kun oldin

    Bro the stay wild tasted so good!!!!

  65. Raihan Ahmed

    Raihan Ahmed

    23 kun oldin

    I’ve ate the stay wild meal

  66. Andy Krauss

    Andy Krauss

    23 kun oldin

    I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m about to enter the drive-thru, and order the stay wild meal, 1, 2, 3, here we go

  67. Madeline Criollo

    Madeline Criollo

    23 kun oldin

    eat it 2 months ok do not play ok

  68. Madeline Criollo

    Madeline Criollo

    23 kun oldin

    burger kin is bad food

  69. Madeline Criollo

    Madeline Criollo

    23 kun oldin

    i mean it is not like learn he sometimes thow up

  70. Snow Nami

    Snow Nami

    23 kun oldin

    I’m getting this every time I go to Burger King

  71. LOLurD00D00


    23 kun oldin

    bk don't deserve this massive Plug without a sponcer.

  72. Leon Sunu

    Leon Sunu

    24 kun oldin

    Pro Advice: Just throw in a quarter avocado It's delicious trust me😛😛

  73. Dora Ortiz

    Dora Ortiz

    24 kun oldin

    I love buyer king so I am going to try It

  74. Sanuka Damsath

    Sanuka Damsath

    24 kun oldin

    Watching this without my mouth watering was very hard.

  75. buggy contreras

    buggy contreras

    24 kun oldin

    You should make a video on the tv so people can eat the burger 👁👄👁😊😅

  76. NeonBunnyGaming


    25 kun oldin

    this vid makes me want bugers XD

  77. Benita Claassens

    Benita Claassens

    25 kun oldin

    Im gonna take it exsepet Im not gonna put pickles on

  78. Reagan's World

    Reagan's World

    25 kun oldin

    Not gonna lie.... That meal looks delicous! Good job Coyote!

  79. Kaan Civici Basketball

    Kaan Civici Basketball

    25 kun oldin

    I love Burger King I go there like every day the people are really asked when I left I am with my grandma and Papa level removed worth a little girl that always comes here

  80. Val Sanchez

    Val Sanchez

    25 kun oldin

    Not me watching this at 5:32 because I’m bored

  81. Cookie Master

    Cookie Master

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    oh ya thats a real happy wild meal

  82. Errol Topacio

    Errol Topacio

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  83. Jushhh


    26 kun oldin

    try the double cheese burger but instead of the chicken patty, use chicken fries. mix one ranch and one bbq and drizzle it on your onion rings. enjoy.

  84. Megzi


    26 kun oldin

    Who noticed that when the tissue landed it looks like a crab

  85. Raxe's Idea

    Raxe's Idea

    26 kun oldin

    Gotta love the dude perfect tissue throw

  86. Sandy Chang

    Sandy Chang

    27 kun oldin

    This is the most dramatic video about eating food

  87. Goo-Jit-Zu Toys!

    Goo-Jit-Zu Toys!

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  88. Goo-Jit-Zu Toys!

    Goo-Jit-Zu Toys!

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    I subcribrd to you

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    Official- sam

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    never knew he was gonna’ turn into a mudbanker

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    Chris Miller

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    Is it bad that I react this way to food

  91. The awsome cart123

    The awsome cart123

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    I got your meal today and jeeze it is so delicious and you should get a sponsorship

  92. Toren Lawrence

    Toren Lawrence

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  93. Chunki Floofer

    Chunki Floofer

    28 kun oldin

    At 0:05 it says no animals were harmed butttt he’s eating a burger with meat and it say to not recreate the vid 🤣

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    Jen Struski

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    Who does not like McDonald’s I don’t lol 👇🏼

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    SR LS

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    You are making me hungry. Well I like burgers but my favourite food is sushi. Oh and pretty soon I will be exploring just like you!

  96. Kate robinson

    Kate robinson

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    My name is Travis my hole name is Travis Brian Robinson

  97. The horror king

    The horror king

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    I love root beer too :) I call the bbq sauce part is the blood he lost

  98. DarkPlayz YT

    DarkPlayz YT

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