SPIDER-MURDERING WASPS - 10 Things You Probably Need to Know!

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On this episode, you're about to learn all about... SPIDER MURDERING WASPS! It may not be breaking news, but it's probably something we should talk about! What is a Spider-Murdering Wasp, you might ask?! Well, they also go by the name of TARANTULA HAWK! Straight from the Brave Wilderness News Network, Coyote is about to tell you 10 things you should know about these giant wasps - which are also the largest species of spider wasps in the United States!
Get ready to learn the truth about the SPIDER MURDERING WASPS!
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  4. Christian 2020

    Christian 2020

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  14. Nintendo Masters

    Nintendo Masters

    3 oy oldin

    I saw one on a rock once, like 1 ft away from me, and I ran faster than I can remember (never watch “stung by a tarantula hawk” right before you go on a hike in the southwest)

  15. Daily DJ

    Daily DJ

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    You are fearless man coyote I’m glad that you’re showing us what not to do and what to do to these animals

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    Extreme Beast Reaction

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  18. Ashton Bevers

    Ashton Bevers

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    There's a Tarantula Hawk: Panik They don't sting humans: Kalm You're a Tarantula: Panik

  19. Ashton Bevers

    Ashton Bevers

    4 oy oldin

    There's a Tarantula Hawk: Panik They don't sting humans: Kalm You're a Tarantula: Panik

  20. Jessica Schessler

    Jessica Schessler

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    I’ve lived in Las Vegas for 19 years and never seen one before! That’s awesome I never knew that.

  21. Arham Waqas

    Arham Waqas

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  28. Christian 2020

    Christian 2020

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    Now I do have arachnophobia and I know you said that spider murdering wasps should be my new favorite animal except how can it be possible that the tarantula hawk should be my new favorite animal I know they sting people too but when I'm near any wasp or bee or even hornet I always be nervous about being stung because of the venom inside the stinger.

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  38. Hot Chocolate

    Hot Chocolate

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  39. Jaie Rose

    Jaie Rose

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    Coyote reminds me of my dog Rufus. Rufus likes to play with cow killers, has gotten stung on both ears, and has serious scar tissue from both stings. He still think all cow killers are his friends, and insists that all that wander across his path must play with him until he is satisfied. Rufus is special, he is so special he became a foster “mom” to an abandoned kitten. Rufuses heart is so big he loves everything and one he meets. Coyote is the human version of my dog.

  40. Jake Entertainment

    Jake Entertainment

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    I’ve seen a tarantula hawk in Utah

  41. lemon dixie_

    lemon dixie_

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    Am I the only one reminded that at the begging of the video when they show parts of the reaction that’s how I act when I get stung by a bee-

  42. Christian Maldonado

    Christian Maldonado

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    I found one in my backyard and followed what Coyote Peterson said, then when I turned around they're wasn't just one. Instead 2!!! Queue the the coffin dance meme🤪😆

  43. Benjie Grech

    Benjie Grech

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    You should try the ball headed hornet

  44. Bloom Potato

    Bloom Potato

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    I saw something looking like this little beautiful nightmare on my deck when I was going to let my dog out. In the midwest. Specifically Michigan. Orange wings, dark body, pretty big size and was insistent in getting into my house (which has had a spider problem this summer) My mom has seen it too. Is it really a tarantula hawk? I ask as someone phobic of wasps (though the tarantula hawk is my favorite insect

  45. ugg monster

    ugg monster

    6 oy oldin

    I live in AZ and I am extremely affraid of bugs. I saw this insect in my grandmothers back yard and freaked out because it was the only wasp I have seen with orange wings and I ran inside.

  46. Adam Faulkner

    Adam Faulkner

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    Hi i’m lilly

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    I FREAKIN ENCOUNTERED A MURDER HORNET AND I WAS SCARED FOR. MY. LIFE. i actually thought i was gon die high key

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  57. another random humanoid

    another random humanoid

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  58. H Moore

    H Moore

    7 oy oldin

    I actually did see a tarantula hawk on my vacation with my parents we were going to like a not that popular uhm.... abandoned school attraction or like old school attraction and me and my dad went off the main trail and I saw this thing on the ground. I realized it was a tarantula hawk. It then began to fly then went on the ground and flew again and last it went on the ground, dug a burrow and disappeared into the ground :P

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