SNAPPER BITES Hand in Super Slow Motion!

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Welcome to another episode of STRIKE ZONE! This time, we're taking you into the slow motion strike zone of the Panther Chameleon, Pacman Frog, and the Alligator Snapping Turtle! Are you ready to see a snapping turtle bite in super SLOW MOTION?! Get ready to enter the STRIKE ZONE!
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    Mario:* exists * *Everyone liked that*

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    Video: *shot in 4K at 1000 fps* Me: *watches at 140p*

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    I just wanted to see the hand slap you, I think i watch too much comedy.

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    Lorenzo Marian

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    Use a zgb head

  6. Metalmachine467


    4 kun oldin

    Put the frog in front of the turtle and let the frog see that worm looking tongue lol

  7. Maria McClaughlin

    Maria McClaughlin

    4 kun oldin

    8:50 - When you don't have a chainsaw but have a snapping turtle.

  8. J C

    J C

    5 kun oldin

    Is the hand safe for the turtle?

  9. shamini dk

    shamini dk

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    I love this channel

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    I'm from Indonesian



    7 kun oldin

    Turtles are sweet! This is an aligator with turtle costume....

  13. Blunkey TV

    Blunkey TV

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    Coyate: Saftey For Humans And The Animals Are Our Number 1 Priority The Roach: Dead

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  17. Don Heft

    Don Heft

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    Use an actual hand next time so we can see the real damage that can be done!!!!!!!!!

  18. KEKO


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    I was thinking he was gonna let his hand get bit. I was horrified lmao

  19. Temi V

    Temi V

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    Wow. That chameleon would love my house

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    P ø t a t o [MythInvestogator]

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    we witness bugs die then facts after.

  24. Andy Louis

    Andy Louis

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    They should have slow motioned all the high fives

  25. ciscolypse


    14 kun oldin

    They are so surprised when the finger is chopped off, what else did they think was going to happen.

  26. Rick Murillo

    Rick Murillo

    14 kun oldin

    Should have showed the chameleon takin a shot from further away. Hard to appreciate the speed and precision 2 inches away.

  27. krishna kumar

    krishna kumar

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    Worst bite 🐢🐢😱😱😰😬😬😬

  28. Josh Johnson

    Josh Johnson

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    1:39 GlaDOS is becoming real im terrified

  29. Josh Plur

    Josh Plur

    16 kun oldin

    You should take a sting from a “great black hornet” or could of been “the great black wasp” it’s ment to be up there with the tranchular hawk and only ment to be in CA and the US we found this in Western Australia

  30. peashooter hero

    peashooter hero

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    And the forget the scratch

  31. Eats Rice

    Eats Rice

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    Frog is cute

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    *mike easter*

  37. The Herp Preacher

    The Herp Preacher

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    That’s my frog! I’m so proud you guys used him!

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    Joey Binkofsky

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    Where's your masks guys, what about covid-19?

  39. The Animal Bandits

    The Animal Bandits

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    Notice that the Chameleon uses it's tail for balance while it strikes the cockroach.

  40. The Animal Bandits

    The Animal Bandits

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  41. Joshua Key

    Joshua Key

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    When he said strike zone i thought he was gonna get struck by lightning 🌩 💀

  42. Joshua Graham

    Joshua Graham

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    you can use that snapping turle as a chainsaw replacement

  43. Awesome Animals TV!

    Awesome Animals TV!

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    Blue the albino indoraptor

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    Dasten Muniz

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  49. AlienGoBoom


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    That was insane!!!🤩

  50. Romeo Matodzi

    Romeo Matodzi

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    The only left is too see cayote getting struck by lightning

  51. J. Owens

    J. Owens

    27 kun oldin

    Dr. Mike should look into animal injury videos and react to Brave Wilderness.

  52. DaminionC


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    Damn, it’s a shame it wasn’t his hand

  53. Mariela Agosto Figueroa

    Mariela Agosto Figueroa

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  54. Mason Williams

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    This video was anti-climactic

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    Viewers:Omg Coyote:That's sick

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  58. Grimelock 101

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    3:29 slow motion on how to spread Covid 19.



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    All I want to say is just. WOW!!

  60. Afro SenDesu

    Afro SenDesu

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  61. L VW

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  62. Mohamed Imran

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    Jimmy Shih

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  65. Bearcat Pest Control Vlogging

    Bearcat Pest Control Vlogging

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  66. Bearcat Pest Control Vlogging

    Bearcat Pest Control Vlogging

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    Snapping turtle

  67. Bearcat Pest Control Vlogging

    Bearcat Pest Control Vlogging

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    That happened to me when I was petting turtles when I was five on my pinky finger it’s not to bad

  68. emily vuozzo

    emily vuozzo

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  70. Anthony Arens

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    Alligator snapping turtles are cool

  71. Anthony Arens

    Anthony Arens

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    Alligator snapping turtles are cool

  72. Krishan Mourya

    Krishan Mourya

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    who else thinks that the high fives were awkward

  73. Aries Af

    Aries Af

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  74. KlassicKrusty


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    Damn this channel has grown exponentially since I started watching it a few years ago

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    9:08 is what ya’ll came to see.

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    Icey dragon XD

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    The combative instruction iteratively dare because leg actually fade out a dispensable delivery. bewildered, wretched giraffe

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  82. Iron Star

    Iron Star

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    Question, if you have a good quality hunting knife would you be able to make the turtle release or do they just tighten more when they get hurt?

  83. Frank Dank

    Frank Dank

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  84. Brianna Sanabria

    Brianna Sanabria

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  85. the puppet show!!! i like puppets tho.

    the puppet show!!! i like puppets tho.

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    Fishing Bass

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    Brad Rose

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    We have a common snapping turtle that’s about a year old I’m always hoping I don’t get bit when I’m changing his water and cleaning his tank he is one grumpy bastered we have had him since he was about the size of a quarter

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    Hayden Varwig

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    Naftali Cowley

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  100. KEI


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