Sharpest Lizard in the World!?

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On this episode, Mark and the crew are in Southern Nevada at the Mojave Desert looking for horned lizards! So, how sharp are these lizards -- are they dangerous to touch?! Watch now to find out of this is one of the sharpest lizards in the world! #withme
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  1. John Hill

    John Hill

    6 kun oldin

    H. I

  2. Antonio Palmas

    Antonio Palmas

    29 kun oldin

    Australia’s thorny devil is spikier

  3. Leo Leo

    Leo Leo

    Oy oldin

    The lizard turned FAT

  4. SaphireAirplane


    Oy oldin

    Sorry but who tf is this dude?!!shut up man go get coyote 🤦🏾‍♂️😰

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  7. Elite05Drew


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    Did u get the name wrong here so u did a voice over to correct it? 2:20

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  11. Vibe


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  12. βασιλης ελευθεριαδης

    βασιλης ελευθεριαδης

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    6:12 he totaly agrees with you!

  13. Dziban Tobing

    Dziban Tobing

    2 oy oldin

    I thought its an thorny devil

  14. Stop sniffin

    Stop sniffin

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  15. SteppyTimeStopMotion


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  16. Rochelle Worthington

    Rochelle Worthington

    2 oy oldin

    This guy is catching like full on wild lizards and I can't even catch a garden lizard😂 lol

  17. A Aaryan Chaturvedi

    A Aaryan Chaturvedi

    2 oy oldin

    What happened to coyote

  18. Pencil


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    So you’re telling me that plant could’ve been alive when hamilton was?

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    Winter Moccasin

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    It's my first time seeing Mark with a beard,niceee

  20. Nintendo Masters

    Nintendo Masters

    3 oy oldin

    I’m going on a trip to Death Valley to look for wildlife, so I would appreciate it if you made a video where you explore for creatures like you did in “Exploring For Desert Creatures” and “ Exploring for ocean creatures” rather than a creature feature like this. Otherwise, great video, and I will use these tips when looking for horned lizards

  21. Chuck Towers

    Chuck Towers

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  22. Reiiz


    3 oy oldin

    Sharpest lizard in the world he maybe but the question is, *is he the sharpest tools in the shed?*

  23. Trey 816

    Trey 816

    3 oy oldin

    Hey, Mark looks good with a beard.

  24. Random Person

    Random Person

    3 oy oldin

    am I the only one that thinks it kinda looks like something you'd see on a pokemon card?

  25. zakk alexander

    zakk alexander

    3 oy oldin

    Cought one of those in AZ awesome little dudes

  26. Ignorant Flow

    Ignorant Flow

    3 oy oldin

    they found a gold mini crown horned lizard its soo cute lol

  27. Ryedan Gristwood

    Ryedan Gristwood

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    Felix Felix

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  30. CHINO


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    Carson world Animations

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    This is what I would do but bees and wasps naaa

  32. Margaret Kuo

    Margaret Kuo

    4 oy oldin

    I actually have a neighbor who has moved recently who owned a pet horned lizard he named it Spiky he was kind of red and white

  33. Tanjiro Kamado

    Tanjiro Kamado

    4 oy oldin

    Once my friend and I graduate college, we're going to do the same thing like this man. He inspired us to do the same thing. I like animals and so does my friend.

  34. CuddlyBubbles 69

    CuddlyBubbles 69

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    ELI 30

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    The dislikes are from the cacti

  37. Your Mom

    Your Mom

    4 oy oldin

    I live in Arizona and we catch these sometimes but for the most part they are pretty hard to find

  38. E Z

    E Z

    4 oy oldin

    Did coyote die?

  39. Rehan Nagree

    Rehan Nagree

    4 oy oldin

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  40. TheFlameLord


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    So basically the lizards have laser eyes xd

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  42. Melanie Webb

    Melanie Webb

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    Blue Noodle

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    brupper E

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    My Mini Zoo

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  47. Jeremiah Arellano

    Jeremiah Arellano

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  48. Gabe Collins

    Gabe Collins

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    4:16 that is actually so cute he is just chilling like nothing happened

  49. Slxshie


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    My girlfriend has one as a pet

  50. W̆̈w̆̈w̆̈j̆̈ă̈d̆̈ĕ̈ K̆̈ă̈m̆̈ĭ̈n̆̈ă̈r̆̈ĭ̈.̆̈ŏ̈r̆̈ğ̈

    W̆̈w̆̈w̆̈j̆̈ă̈d̆̈ĕ̈ K̆̈ă̈m̆̈ĭ̈n̆̈ă̈r̆̈ĭ̈.̆̈ŏ̈r̆̈ğ̈

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    Me scared to go outside

  51. Seth Krueger

    Seth Krueger

    4 oy oldin

    I'm Navajo and horned lizard are secret to us, he's called grandfather and protects us, we bless him with water and corn pollun if we ever find one and we must put it back where we find it.

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    Reggie Owens

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  67. Floofy Booper

    Floofy Booper

    4 oy oldin

    Mark: You got a long way to go buddy Lizard: I will destroy all that you cherish

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    19-095 Heinrich

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    Its like a lizard pancake

  70. Sonny 28

    Sonny 28

    4 oy oldin

    Cool video dude!! I have a bearded dragon that I made a couple videos about because I find reptiles really interesting as do you.

    • Sonny 28

      Sonny 28

      4 oy oldin

      Also I'm making an update video on my beardie soon.

  71. Angel vlogs

    Angel vlogs

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    I have been gone for a while and now he has a new intro and i still remember: be brave stay wild we will see you on our next adventure

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    oompa-loompa doompity-doo

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    oompa-loompa doompity-doo

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