Rattlesnake Rattle - You Won't Believe What's Inside!

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In this episode, Coyote is in West Virginia and finally catches the elusive TIMBER RATTLESNAKE! After many failed attempts, Coyote and Mario traverse the West Virginia terrain to search for these snakes in crooks and crevices.. only to finally catch not one, but THREE snakes! Get ready to see a Timber Rattlesnake up close and find out what's inside that rattle - you won't believe your eyes!
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Thank you to Meredith Joyce-Houghton for creating the incredible artwork in this episode!
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  1. J. Robert Dark

    J. Robert Dark

    6 soat oldin

    If at first you don't succeed don't try sky diving.

  2. hassan Waleed

    hassan Waleed

    Kun oldin

    He says whats inside but doesnt show whats inside. You suck

  3. Matthew Foster

    Matthew Foster

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    coyote is awesome so stop maken fun of people you just dont knoow how gerat he is!!!!!

  4. Zülhun


    3 kun oldin

    Bre she knows no limit and keeps wiggling that tail D:

  5. Orange Hi

    Orange Hi

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    Him: talking about the snake The snake: rattling its rattle Him: talking about the snakes rattle The snake: stops rattling its rattle

  6. Lali and alaric gaming Romero

    Lali and alaric gaming Romero

    7 kun oldin

    the rattle is so ANNOYING

  7. Lali and alaric gaming Romero

    Lali and alaric gaming Romero

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    The rattle is so annoying

  8. Lali and alaric gaming Romero

    Lali and alaric gaming Romero

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    Trying to learn here

  9. Lali and alaric gaming Romero

    Lali and alaric gaming Romero

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    There so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  11. The DBD Clan

    The DBD Clan

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    12:07 did he just flinch

  12. zhang fangyan

    zhang fangyan

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  13. Hector Castro Gonzales

    Hector Castro Gonzales

    8 kun oldin

    Coyote not givin a f*** moments 1.Stung by a hornet 2.Fell of side of hill and says "I'm fine"

  14. samkooon.


    10 kun oldin

    4:52 my life flashed

  15. Adika Dharmendra

    Adika Dharmendra

    10 kun oldin

    Is everyone know What's Inside he got the vid what's inside rattle

  16. YaYnate 12

    YaYnate 12

    11 kun oldin

    Ive almost been bit by a rattle snake i was in the forest and i heard the rattlel. I ran back home sayig NOPE

  17. Clawed50 Java

    Clawed50 Java

    12 kun oldin

    Im coyote Peterson, and im gonna enter the boomer zone of walking uphill both ways to get to school.

  18. katsuki bakugou

    katsuki bakugou

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    The snake be like:👁️👄👁️

  19. katsuki bakugou

    katsuki bakugou

    12 kun oldin

    If Steve Irwin was still alive him and cayote would be doing adventuring together-

  20. Parijat banerjee

    Parijat banerjee

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    simon and Siouxe from snakes in the city be like: got a partner man

  21. krishna kumar

    krishna kumar

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    You won,t believe what,s inside

  22. Shaggyone789


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    The answer to your question 13:05

  23. Carirs ASMR studio

    Carirs ASMR studio

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    4:52 Me: don’t get scared you know the snake is going to jump- Snake: attacks camera Me: AHHHHH

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    OMG 😲 😯😯😯😯

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    I love walking up mountain that is amazing

  27. Kate Silvester

    Kate Silvester

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    I love walking up mountain that is amazing

  28. CraigO_o


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    12:55 fly: Hi UZtop!

  29. Richard Pilotte

    Richard Pilotte

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    Coyote is the strongest man in the universe

  30. Mukesh Das

    Mukesh Das

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    0:10 I at last do not have to go to a 9-5 ever again! This may be good for you too! Simply go to ,. *f u n d a i l y p a y . c o m*

  31. Tyler John

    Tyler John

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    LEAVE THE SNAKES ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Twixts


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    I've been watching sense I was 5 years old I'm studying to be an animal scientists keep up the fantastic work I appreciate your work have a great life your the best.

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      @Twixts oh ok

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      @zadex yea

  33. Isabella Pimental

    Isabella Pimental

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    That’s a great place to go sledding !

  34. Lauren Bosch

    Lauren Bosch

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  35. Yogis


    28 kun oldin

    The snake: STAY BACK IM GONNA KILL YOU! Coyote: I dont think so cutie:) (gets closer)

  36. Conrad Van Den Berg

    Conrad Van Den Berg

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  37. Rey


    28 kun oldin

    man what if aliens did this to us lol. like, "put the human in the human tube"

  38. Jessica Jagoe

    Jessica Jagoe

    28 kun oldin

    I’m prolly to late, but my fav stinging vid is the piranha one bc it shows that just because animal seen dangerous, it shows that animals are not harmful at all and are actually scared of u bc u are bigger! Luv ur vid!

  39. Emerald P.

    Emerald P.

    29 kun oldin

    I really want to find out what is inside of a rattlesnake’s rattle!

  40. Azriel Mendez

    Azriel Mendez

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    Why you doing this?

  41. Jamesiojdjx - Gaming I

    Jamesiojdjx - Gaming I

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  42. elsie hinz

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    What is inside

  43. Owen


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    I did not know West Virginia was so beautiful, but I also didn’t know it had rattlesnakes haha

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    That's my home

  45. Infinimetrical


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    Nope Ropes.

  46. Temmiegamer GG

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    Coyote sounds like mikeal from vsausce

  47. Brandt Pratt

    Brandt Pratt

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    Introverts be like "never try, try, or never try again". Coyote Petersen be like "what heck of a rattler did that to you?"

  48. Futsum Zeragber

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    Congratulations COYOTE on 18mill subs you deserve it be brave be wild I have got you in my side 🤜🤛

  49. Austin Gibson

    Austin Gibson

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    Ayeee west virginia

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    That fly was like hahahahahah you can’t eat me 😂

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    İm Coyote Peterson and im about to let a guy shoot me

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    this video came out on my birthday.

  54. Patty King

    Patty King

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    Coyote risks his life for our intertament

  55. jesus rodriguez

    jesus rodriguez

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    All snakes ever - "I go in tube lel".

  56. Lilly playz UwU

    Lilly playz UwU

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    He keeps on hurting himself ;-;

  57. SOLAR WiLL


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    13:31 your welcome

  58. Louise Qwaint

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    I hate snakes but I’m still watching this

  59. Deon Proctor

    Deon Proctor

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    Just a littler further north in pa and you'll see plenty thats actually one in my pic dont replicate my pics tho

  60. Snom


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    That thing is just pissed

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    OMG HE WAS IN WV!!!🥺

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  64. Luna Tosic

    Luna Tosic

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    4:54 Snake bites the camera -3-

  65. Illuminated Journey Tarot

    Illuminated Journey Tarot

    Oy oldin

    Lol i love how dramatic he is about finding the timber rattler. My family is from Southern Illinois and those hoes is everywhere! Like, we had to be careful outside, when we would play as kids.. Love this dude, makes my day every single time.

  66. choc spice xox

    choc spice xox

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    9:32 Don’t do that to the poor snake

    • isaiah wilson

      isaiah wilson

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      it doesn't hurt them

  67. Mix Propell

    Mix Propell

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    You talk a lot it's sucks

  68. Kerry Avezzie

    Kerry Avezzie

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    my sibling adam has a snake

  69. Jett Roberts

    Jett Roberts

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    Let me tell you that one day hes going to get seriously hert.

  70. Anebeth Lyn

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    There’s nobody that looks as happy as he does when he catches dangerous animals

  71. Hanniyya Marandang

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  72. Okabe Rintorou With a gun

    Okabe Rintorou With a gun

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    I'm a huge introvert and don't really like hiking or anything but if I was hiking with Coyote I would be happy he such a cool person from what I see

  73. Felix Lemus

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  74. Cory Gaties

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  75. Charvi Reddy

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  76. Joe M

    Joe M

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    You put fire and concrete in snake dens to protect your children, livestock, and pets. I have killed 100's of rattlesnakes, but never for fun. I no longer live in a rural area nor do I work in farming, so I don't kill them anymore. Very cool reptile indeed. I always saved the rattles if I could. Can also eat them. Best to leave them be if they are not encroaching on your property. You might end up watching rattlesnake vids and feeling guilty years later like me haha. But sometimes it's you or them haha.



    Oy oldin

    Omg im so scaredd

  78. Mr. Coookie

    Mr. Coookie

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    Coyote is very brave

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    Max vlogs

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  83. name_ less

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    Man I love all animals but especially snakes most of all. They are so chill and friendly after you let them calm down for a few.. Most of the time.. Definitely not all of the time.. But they're feared for no reason in most cases.. It's sad that people often have such a closed mind to them. Even the venomous ones such as rattle snakes like this and copperheads.. They're easily startled and they're scared of usm they're not mean. If you know what you're doing, they calm down pretty fast and become pretty tolerant of people.

  84. Cameron Speed

    Cameron Speed

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    Mans is a live wild crats

  85. Marsha Frazier

    Marsha Frazier

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    I personally am afraid of snakes but I don't wish them any harm. I just want to avoid them. I understand that they play an important part in the environment keeping pests under control.

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    Almost heaven. West Virginia!

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    Nathan Park

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  90. Nathan Park

    Nathan Park

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  91. Ashley Spencer

    Ashley Spencer

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    Coyote Peterson please don't do anymore getting bitten by this or that vids anymore it makes me think that you would give your life for this chanel all these dangerous animals!🤕😷😭

  92. Kari Yeet

    Kari Yeet

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    Have they interacted with the pygmy Rattlesnake?

  93. Eduardo Mendoza

    Eduardo Mendoza

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  94. Stanley NEWMAN

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  95. Marty Trimble

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  96. Logical Linkin

    Logical Linkin

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