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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew are back at the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center to come face to face with WOLVES! Coyote meets Orenda the wolf, and gives her.. a kiss?! Get ready to see Coyote's first kiss... with a WOLF! Stay tuned for Part 2 of our epic wolf adventure, coming this Saturday at 10am ET!
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Initiative #107 is historical, it is the first of its kind in the United States, whereby the citizens can vote to restore an endangered species to its natural range. Simply put, the people of Colorado get to use their voices to bring back wolves!

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  1. Gunslinger Logan

    Gunslinger Logan

    6 soat oldin

    Wolf 🐺😎

  2. kumbaga


    7 soat oldin

    magnificent animals

  3. Bassmastr888 1

    Bassmastr888 1

    8 soat oldin

    So cool

  4. Doctor H.M.L

    Doctor H.M.L

    11 soat oldin

    There so pretty I love them

  5. JustEmily


    12 soat oldin

    2:25 Camera man (exitedly) “you ready?!” Guy: yeah! Lady opens door and closes it in front of camera man Camera man:🥺

  6. TheMaskedViewer


    Kun oldin

    Everybody gets a chance to deserve living life,Even the dangerous animals.

    • TheMaskedViewer


      Kun oldin

      4:33 This wolf

    • TheMaskedViewer


      Kun oldin

      It's like between the wolf and the guy

    • TheMaskedViewer


      Kun oldin

      Anybody saw the White Snow Wolf 4:09

  7. Storm Vortex 930 reacts

    Storm Vortex 930 reacts

    Kun oldin

    is it this literal first kiss if it is i can guess why

  8. Johnny Doey

    Johnny Doey

    Kun oldin

    She’s a little feisty

  9. Georgette RG

    Georgette RG

    Kun oldin

    Her paw is huge omg 😳

  10. Maximillian Keentiger

    Maximillian Keentiger

    2 kun oldin

    Beautiful predator... Keep them alive....

  11. musa like dip chip

    musa like dip chip

    3 kun oldin

    I heard wolf's could hear from far far away and see far far away

  12. musa like dip chip

    musa like dip chip

    3 kun oldin

    Wolf's are my favourite animals I'm a new subscriber I love then the great white wolf

  13. A Student Pilot Life

    A Student Pilot Life

    3 kun oldin

    Damn but my German Shepard is 130LB lmao. And I use to own a pet mixed wolf. Love it

  14. Ram Prasad

    Ram Prasad

    3 kun oldin

    This video is recommended for me even after 8 months

  15. Vincent Grey

    Vincent Grey

    3 kun oldin

    arent great danes and tibetan mastiffs much bigger canines than wolves? Tibetan mastiffs get up to 180 pounds and great danes clock in at 200 pounds

  16. Skelesan X proto

    Skelesan X proto

    3 kun oldin

    Red dead redemption 2 vibes (I don't know why)

  17. june clark

    june clark

    3 kun oldin

    In Alaska I saw wolves

  18. june clark

    june clark

    3 kun oldin

    She's beautiful

  19. KER


    3 kun oldin

    6:12 num-num-num

  20. Ryan Harkin

    Ryan Harkin

    4 kun oldin

    I wonder how many furries clicked on this for the title.

  21. Mar kel Hill

    Mar kel Hill

    4 kun oldin

    ok what

  22. Scarlyt Johnson

    Scarlyt Johnson

    4 kun oldin

    i love wolfs and you are lukcy

  23. kawaii moon panda ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ

    kawaii moon panda ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ

    4 kun oldin


  24. quic grid

    quic grid

    4 kun oldin

    Smart to not have a pack in an enclosure... they might eat *you* instead of the food you bring...

  25. AlphaFoxQueen


    5 kun oldin

    I love Wolves!

  26. Shelbi Jackson

    Shelbi Jackson

    5 kun oldin

    they are so cute

  27. Jhosseline Calderon

    Jhosseline Calderon

    5 kun oldin

    I love her she is a pretty wolf 🐾🐾🐾🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺💙💙💙💙

  28. Naturic Gamer

    Naturic Gamer

    5 kun oldin

    What a beautiful animal!

  29. Randy M

    Randy M

    5 kun oldin

    Of course the females only weigh up to 90 pounds. They've gotta maintain their girlish figures, don't they?

  30. Eobard Thawne

    Eobard Thawne

    5 kun oldin

    Floofy puppy

  31. MegaGamer 12282000

    MegaGamer 12282000

    6 kun oldin

    About to enter Kiss Zone with.. The timber wolf.

  32. babi92100able


    6 kun oldin

    *removes the fur clothes to avoid wolves to grab it* More fur.

  33. The Green Beret Life 01

    The Green Beret Life 01

    6 kun oldin

    Incredible intelligent animals...

  34. pink99644


    6 kun oldin

    Some things on UZtop makes me laugh, because videos I watched always show *female* animals, not *male* animals (nothing wrong with that, I just find that funny for some reason)

  35. Vernon Douglas

    Vernon Douglas

    6 kun oldin

    Petition for coyote to go on a date with a coyote...

  36. Ip Man

    Ip Man

    6 kun oldin

    I have 2.. First is a rescue and owner of her sister gave her to me as they couldn't handel the responsibilities.. They're in door and out door .. It's working great and i love them both.. Spoiled rotten

  37. Local Corpse Simp

    Local Corpse Simp

    6 kun oldin

    She's so prettyyyy

  38. itz_BlueWolfAlpha


    6 kun oldin

    Wolf gang!💙🐺

  39. Happy Wife_&_Mommy

    Happy Wife_&_Mommy

    7 kun oldin

    One day I want to go to like a shelter and meet a wolf ( if that’s ever possible) 🤗

  40. Ziguinzag `-`

    Ziguinzag `-`

    7 kun oldin

    ele está saboreando o cara pra ver se e delicioso, Nem está beijando

  41. Daksh Choksi

    Daksh Choksi

    7 kun oldin

    so gonna ignore the fact that this man is legit cheating on his wife with a wolf

  42. kingworrie


    7 kun oldin

    Wolf are so cool and cute

  43. Malachi Male

    Malachi Male

    7 kun oldin


  44. saso ristevski

    saso ristevski

    7 kun oldin

    I love volfs



    7 kun oldin

    If I fed a wolf I would have my finger bit off

  46. Chase Earl

    Chase Earl

    8 kun oldin

    I caught a king cobra



    8 kun oldin

    Over the head pet the wolf thinking; “Nig*a better not be a knife in that hand”!😂😂

  48. ElectricAngel19


    8 kun oldin

    canine... notice the 'e' at the end of the word. that signifies that 'i' in the word with have the sound of the actual letter i. sounds like this spelling KAY NINE. lol!!!

  49. CrystalStriker 242

    CrystalStriker 242

    8 kun oldin

    Title: I had my first kiss with a wolf 4 million people: interesting

  50. Dawna Pitzer

    Dawna Pitzer

    8 kun oldin

    What GORGEOUS and DEADLY creatures! Nature amazes me everyday.

  51. Chloe Kit

    Chloe Kit

    8 kun oldin

    Those are the most gorgeous animals in the entire world it looks like a husky!

  52. Jørn Mulder

    Jørn Mulder

    8 kun oldin

    let them free ? ! and i will kill the hunters who shoot on them !

  53. f e

    f e

    8 kun oldin

    ...he should cleanse his mouth inside with SALT or ZEOLITH-KLINOPTINOLITH-BENTONIT....; The Most he made icorrect. (Tip: We never should go with active handys to animals, because the electro-magnetic-fields/MicroWaves like 5G make them very nervous or aggressive )

  54. Mom Skabetti

    Mom Skabetti

    8 kun oldin

    that women is amazing..

  55. Sarai Fuentes

    Sarai Fuentes

    9 kun oldin

    Not me wanting a wolf now

  56. Radio


    9 kun oldin

    Im jealues OWO



    9 kun oldin




    9 kun oldin

    how old is the man

  59. Bear Warrior Gonzales

    Bear Warrior Gonzales

    9 kun oldin

    I used to have a Shepherd Wolf mix 3rd generation. Great dog.

  60. Kjq gaming experience9

    Kjq gaming experience9

    9 kun oldin

    This is why I exactly why I like wolves.There intelligent,Smart,Hearing is good and there eyes are just so beautiful! This is amazing. Awesome..

  61. Paige Gonzalez

    Paige Gonzalez

    9 kun oldin

    So she’s just going to let the wolf lick all in her mouth and teeth? 🙄🤢

  62. Abdullah Mohammad

    Abdullah Mohammad

    9 kun oldin

    I thought the wolve would bite his neck huh. Im scared for him slreadyyy

  63. Cheryl Sciarretta

    Cheryl Sciarretta

    9 kun oldin

    This woman was letting the wolf tongue her totally ewwwwhh!!!

  64. Bobi Papy

    Bobi Papy

    9 kun oldin

    I thought emil lives with wolves in bavaria

  65. MR.Noodles


    9 kun oldin

    Why do people with wolves let's them stick there tongues down there throat

  66. Victoria Booth

    Victoria Booth

    9 kun oldin

    First kiss with a wolf, very cool

  67. Daniel Camunez

    Daniel Camunez

    10 kun oldin

    you kiss a wolf were's my nose

  68. Clover Isn't Straight

    Clover Isn't Straight

    10 kun oldin

    The title: *_exists_* PETA: 👁👄👁

  69. Franklin Clinton

    Franklin Clinton

    10 kun oldin

    I feel like the thumbnail should be “Coyote kisses a wolf 🥰”

  70. Odai Jbara

    Odai Jbara

    10 kun oldin

    why are these wolves not in the wild?

  71. Lucus Pressley

    Lucus Pressley

    10 kun oldin

    Isn’t the grey wolf/ Timberwolf the most dangerous wolf ?????



    10 kun oldin

    I feel like coyote’s first kiss should have been a coyote.....

  73. UghKeith


    10 kun oldin

    true love

  74. jose guillen

    jose guillen

    11 kun oldin

    Coyote and wolf wild encounter

  75. Domihoe


    11 kun oldin

    his first and last kiss ever

  76. Funtime Foxy

    Funtime Foxy

    11 kun oldin

    I’m in civic and where are there masks

  77. DogDar


    11 kun oldin

    Wow, wolves. It’s my dream to at least see a wolf in person. They are so majestic. 🐺🐺🐺

  78. Timber Wolf

    Timber Wolf

    11 kun oldin

    incredible animals...the size of the paws and the head...those jaws could kill him in seconds if they got a grip around his neck. Yet she moves quietly and gentle but with pride and intention.

  79. felipe pedersen

    felipe pedersen

    11 kun oldin

    5:49 so gross

  80. Rajat Srivastava

    Rajat Srivastava

    11 kun oldin

    Nymeria? Is that you?

  81. May May

    May May

    12 kun oldin

    Sooo beautiful 💕❤️❤️❤️

  82. Sub Zero

    Sub Zero

    12 kun oldin

    На снегу глупо сидеть

  83. ghxulish疼痛


    12 kun oldin

    I just want a dog that looks like a wolf and is big or maybe bigger than a wolf

  84. Xxkitty!xX Gacha!

    Xxkitty!xX Gacha!

    12 kun oldin

    Katie Pearson how did you get next to that wolf they're so deadly

  85. Vexxie_ Youtube

    Vexxie_ Youtube

    12 kun oldin

    So y is the lady letting the wolf lick the inside of her mouth lol

  86. Huda Rabmal

    Huda Rabmal

    13 kun oldin

    if coyote died his last word would be mark you got that

  87. TGB


    13 kun oldin

    this woman is talking like she can speak wolf

  88. joe Morris

    joe Morris

    13 kun oldin

    Wolves are so beautiful

  89. Imagine


    13 kun oldin

    Perverted guy

  90. Jeffrey Jiang

    Jeffrey Jiang

    13 kun oldin


  91. sylvia bielawski

    sylvia bielawski

    13 kun oldin

    I wish I could meet her with u!!

  92. sylvia bielawski

    sylvia bielawski

    13 kun oldin

    Awwww they are acting like a little cuteeee DOG!!!

  93. MrCarnutbill67


    13 kun oldin

    Yeah, you think the bite from a Bullet Ant hurts.....

  94. deka musse

    deka musse

    13 kun oldin

    the wolf was smelling your bumb

  95. OceanSide


    13 kun oldin

    I cant belive im saying this but I AM APART OF THE WOLF PACK!! not even joking i literally act like a wolf I WANT TO LIVE WITH A WOLF

  96. XerxesTexasToast


    13 kun oldin

    Coyote: pets the wolf Orenda: pet? pet back? pet back? return greeting?

  97. J B

    J B

    13 kun oldin

    MORE TREATS human :D

  98. Alien


    14 kun oldin

    I was kissed by a few cougars back in the day.

  99. DeathBoy84 _

    DeathBoy84 _

    14 kun oldin

    When the wolf kissed her she was talking and the wolf licked inside her mouth ew, lol

    • MrBrainStarX


      12 kun oldin

      That was her intention. If you don't open your mouth while a wolf is kissing you, they do feel disrespected and then they will get angry.

  100. bhais tang

    bhais tang

    14 kun oldin

    Awwww. I always liked wild animals. I like all the animals actually.