Micro Animal Gives Birth!

On this episode of Breaking Trail, Mark and the crew are back in Florida with microbiologist Dr. Hunter Hines to witness something RARE! Watch as the team investigates the mysterious creature the Tardigrade, a.k.a. the Water Bear, after a dive in a Florida crater. To their surprise, they find a pregnant Tardigrade!
Get ready to see the AMAZING birth of a micro animal!
Special thanks to our friend, microbiologist Dr. Hunter Hines for assisting us on this adventure! Follow him on Instagram:
Another big thank you to the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute for hosting the team and providing years of continued study and research to the world!
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    Me, after learning about these animals: Meh, probably a misnomer Me, after seeing them give birth & witnessing their absolutely animal like movements: 🤯 How's this even possible? Also it does give me hope that yeah, life does find a way afterall!

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    3:28 it can turn off and turn back to life when evee it wants, I doubt you could even kill it honestly interesting

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    These animals are on the moon aswell lmao

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    Tardigrades are almost everywhere so... is really that rare to find one giving birth????

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    I watch this because of the saturated colors.

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    Water bears are the toughest organisms on earth

  39. Basil II Makedonas

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    >muh immortal tardigrade theory >Falls to hibernation to the smallest of change in it's environment >A single slug near hot water kills millions of them daily

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    Yooo a tardigrade those things that could theoretically be aliens Edit: yes tardigrades are immortal Except from age They can live a few days floating in space for god sake Soooo The only way I know to kill one is just to throw in space for a week or something Or starve it to death Or get eaten Huh.... Well they can’t be “physically” killed but there certainly ways to kill them Edit: oh yeah I have a phew theories about them The ones on earth are not aliens but other planets have the same species but a little different Or number 2 Maybe a chunk of Pluto exploded and there was like 1000,000,000 tardigrades on the meteor and it was the meteor that killed the dinosaurs Idk it’s possible

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    Godzila: I'm the strongest thing!!! Godzila: (ROARING) water bear: you got to thing better than that!! Godzila: what do you mean?! Water bear: I'm stronger than you!!!! Godzila:Trying to embarrass me?! Water bear: YES Godzila: FINE!!!! I will use MY ATOMIC BREATH TO SHOW YOU WHO IS BOSS!!!!! Water bear: fine! Do it! Godzila: (atomic breath) water bear: still alive!!! Hahahahahahahah!!! heheheheh !!!! Godzila: FINE YOU ARE STRONGER THAN ME!!! GODZILA: (ROARING) water bear: I win.

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    This is something I don't want to see in my profession, wastewater treatment, usually means low "food" volume for our good bacteria

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  76. Matthew Faerber

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    Hey guys, long time watcher with my kids here. I have a comment for Mark that applies to this video and the "Venomous Octopus Defends the Reef!" video. On both occasions you made brief comments about the feature creature possibly being an alien or otherwise coming from space. Considering that a large part of your audience is young and trust you for accurate information I think that you do them a disservice by even mentioning such an extraordinary claim that is obviously false without stating so. Both organisms in question have had their genom sequenced and both have genes that are identicle to many other species. Thank you and keep up the great work.

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