Massive Wildlife Encounters of 2019!

On this episode of Breaking Trail, we look at some of the most MASSIVE and EXTRAORDINARY animals we have ever encountered on the Brave Wilderness channel.
From GIANT Japanese Salamanders to the art of snake milking, the Brave Crew has seen and done some AMAZING things this year.
Get ready to experience the highlights of 2019!
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    Hi nico

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    Natalie and Elise

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    Please have a hummingbird in a video.

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    Erik Bodeau

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    Ya, 2020 kinda put a stinky in everyone's panties mate. Luv your stuff, you guys are insane.

  5. Kelly McCracken

    Kelly McCracken

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    I liked coyote getting bitten by the common snapping turtle

  6. Varun


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    Only youtuber with real thumbnail. Respect

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    That salamander is so cute

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    3:52 *Thats wildlife alright.*

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    It’s the Dolphin 🐬🐬🌊🌍

  10. Anna Powell

    Anna Powell

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    I can't believe they filmed in Thermopolis Wyoming (an hour away from my home) and I missed it!

  11. Kenny Guerrero

    Kenny Guerrero

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    Yea the year 2020 isn't going so well... Lol

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    2020 gonna be amazing he said

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    Hey petersen

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    Kristen Warner

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    I’m just saying.... coyote is so brave. And when i see a Gardner snake, i run as fast as i can

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    People that are in 2020 be like I the worst year of them all

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  17. Jessica Shulgan

    Jessica Shulgan

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    I am so proud of this dude and to all the people that do this stuff is like completely crazy and like u guys are so brave and keep up the great work 👍🏼

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    If you guys are watching this in 2020 Last year 2020 is going to be amazing This year I hate 2020

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    You should make a movie

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    مسوي قوي

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    I like the baby frilled dragons

  25. Christian Hansen

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    The Wallace giant bee

  26. Zac Attack

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    Coyote : Dont worry- Commercial: New Swiffer Sweeper, cleans all your messes!

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    Coyote is a bad idea to go out in 2020

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    Hey if you can try to find a a female horseshoe crab you don't have to

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  31. Sting of Truth

    Sting of Truth

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    I know coyote won't see this but i wonder what the friendliest wild animal coyote has ever run across is?

  32. Khan . Aico

    Khan . Aico

    8 oy oldin

    Swimming with a blue whale would be unimaginable and so beautiful. Hoping a video about whales will come out soon

  33. Niz


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    Am I the only one to think paws of salamendre are co sute 😩

  34. Admiral General Aladeen

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    Coyote gets bite by corona virus than is forced to drink clorox by Trump.

  35. Toque


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    “2020 is going to be amazing” -coyote Peterson, he was very, very wrong.

    • Natalie and Elise

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      no kidding

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      Your soo right

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      Amazing doesn’t mean pleasant. Lol

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      You were definitely wrong

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      Abandoned Broadcast so very wrong, its funny how optimistic he was in this video and so, so, so, so, so, SO, VERY wrong

  36. MC Bron

    MC Bron

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    2020 has caronavirus

  37. cinnamon toast

    cinnamon toast

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    Go to Canada in Alberta we have 4ft wolves

  38. Estir Garabeydanova

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  39. Tube You

    Tube You

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    Coyote:yes my precious Public:CONSPIRACY THEORY TIME!!!!!!!

  40. J Deharo

    J Deharo

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    : How my sister and I think we look catching little animal

  41. Moonlight Wolf Studios

    Moonlight Wolf Studios

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  43. Brant Tommie

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  44. Candis Kirk

    Candis Kirk

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    Coyote “this is the most dangerous room on the planet Me” I thought the most dangerous room was when we’re in the room with you lol 😂

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    Who here is binge watching Coyote since their governments say they can't do anything?

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    I'm coyote and I am going to enter the bite zone with a human!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it's riping my skin ahhhhhhhhhhhh camera man: do you need a bandage? Coyote Peterson:I'm fine.

  47. D. Cypher

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    2020: Corona Virus Cayote: Stop eating the freaking bats



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    not going to lie, i clicked cause i saw the giant salamander hand :')

  50. Sentro


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    0:45 - The Coyote pack made Zoom calls cool before Coronavirus did. Haha

  51. Bhargavi Kannan

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    cyotie holding paws with a lion

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    the hot water in your sink is the same as the hot springs water I filled my sink up with hot steaming water and put my hands in it did not really hurt for some reason pulled my hands out and they were steaming

  53. UnboxBuds


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    Coyote says that 2019 has been the best year but what does he think about 2020 with all this coronavirus and wildfire from Australia and the death of Kobe🥺

  54. UnboxBuds


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    Social distancing

  55. Kakyoin’s Hierophant Tea

    Kakyoin’s Hierophant Tea

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  69. Amara Guzman

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    I have a salamander that I have had for almost 7 months and he is is still so small but he is so cute and he is native and he is a blue spotted salamander

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    When I was scuba diving in eight grade a giant manta ray that was about 20 feet wide soared right over me. Will never forget. You remind me how spectacular nature is.

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