Finding Creepy Jungle Creatures!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Mark and Mario take you night herping to find some creepy jungle creatures in the rainforests of Costa Rica! PLUS - along the way they'll show you their tips and tricks for lighting a scene at night with special equipment from Light & Motion.
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  1. Fire & Ice

    Fire & Ice

    4 kun oldin

    3:10 Oh my god! I'm literally about 2 start crying from the size of this gosh-forsaken roach!

  2. Kevin A

    Kevin A

    5 kun oldin

    Are you ready? Ready ready

  3. Luciel Meow

    Luciel Meow

    7 kun oldin

    Chameleon: I am an illusion

  4. Rebecca Benincasa

    Rebecca Benincasa

    13 kun oldin

    big bug

  5. Matthew Brake

    Matthew Brake

    15 kun oldin

    Papa roach😂

  6. Nightpony inRface

    Nightpony inRface

    17 kun oldin

    4:16 BOOP NOODLE

  7. Siddharth Biswas

    Siddharth Biswas

    20 kun oldin

    Cockroach part starts from here 2:50. Enjoy

  8. ShunHasFun


    21 kun oldin

    5:16 that lizard be hanging on to his life

  9. shuffle gamer

    shuffle gamer

    21 kun oldin

    I'm in the jungle and a tiger is looking of me

  10. Bella Swanson

    Bella Swanson

    24 kun oldin

    "What cha find?" "Katydid" I thought he said Katie did like, katie found it.

  11. Shea Murphy

    Shea Murphy

    29 kun oldin

    I love your vidios that much I dream about them



    29 kun oldin

    Really papa roach

  13. 임마누엘잽스


    Oy oldin

    I would scream if I see that on my hand OOOOOOOOO

  14. Kalevipoeg


    Oy oldin

    Night herping: When you go on a date at night, get lucky, and then find out you were unlucky when your lip starts breaking out. Oh wait that's not right.

  15. Adonis Zuccarelli

    Adonis Zuccarelli

    Oy oldin

    Papa roach: Hey I walked on Mario's neck and hand. Mama roach: Oh! Kid roach: Well I'm playing Super Mario Bros on my Nintendo switch.

  16. Adonis Zuccarelli

    Adonis Zuccarelli

    Oy oldin

    I can't believe Trent is here since the smores cook off

  17. Amn Ha

    Amn Ha

    Oy oldin

    Fer-de-lance snake

  18. Mark Perkins

    Mark Perkins

    Oy oldin

    Damn... imagine if these bugs were super sized...... we'd be screwed

  19. Mark Perkins

    Mark Perkins

    Oy oldin

    Again...animals just seem to know coyote is a great guy...even the bugs he has bite him seem reluctant to do so...great channel...can't wait to see coyote on animal planet or travel channel or whatever..GIVE THIS GUY HIS OWN SHOW ALREADY!!!!!!!

  20. Crack Virgin 69

    Crack Virgin 69

    Oy oldin

    That thumbnail is 10 pounds of nope in a 5 pound bag

  21. Jasmine Griffiths

    Jasmine Griffiths

    Oy oldin

    that was my birthday

  22. sytrosianoverlord


    Oy oldin

    i just love jungle wish the earth is covered in them

  23. grimus97


    Oy oldin


    • grimus97


      8 kun oldin

      But come on man. This shows pretty obvious even you got to admit it. Jungle at night. No bugs biting the hell out of them. It's hilarious to me but whatever

    • Inkstain


      8 kun oldin

      @grimus97 If you wanna keep believing that its cgi just cuz you wouldn't be able to do it, go ahead ig. But don't be surprised if people shame you when you use that mentality irl

    • grimus97


      9 kun oldin

      But you probably won't accept this and I certainly don't want to argue. Peace to you. Adios

    • grimus97


      9 kun oldin

      @Inkstain yeah. It's pretty much the entire Netflix lineup. More than half of UZtop. Pretty much everything they put in our faces these days. Do you know what it is? Because you've been fooled by it for the last 10 years at least 👍

    • Inkstain


      9 kun oldin

      Do you... know what CGI is?

  24. Shelly Ann Rose

    Shelly Ann Rose

    Oy oldin

    yeah keep those little roach out of my house plz now

  25. Faris Abuzaid

    Faris Abuzaid

    Oy oldin

    When you did light thing I saw two gen Ouse snake



    Oy oldin

    Stick bugs are really cool looking

  27. Anonymous Anonimo

    Anonymous Anonimo

    Oy oldin

    Mario really got us stickbugged



    Oy oldin

    Me:watching this at my grandmas house mario:pickink up giant cocrouch also me :sees baby cocrouch also me:smashi smashi

  29. zoe isabella

    zoe isabella

    Oy oldin

    mario and mark deserve lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

  30. Nathan Marshall

    Nathan Marshall

    2 oy oldin

    Mario: *has a cockroach on his neck* Me if i saw that i would be like: NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE SO MUCH NOPE

  31. Nathan Marshall

    Nathan Marshall

    2 oy oldin

    Mario: oh a frog Frog: PUT ME DOWN NOW! AAAHHHHHH!!!!

  32. Salvador ._.

    Salvador ._.

    2 oy oldin

    "Katydid" .... Clowns: KATYDIDN'T HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH help me i'm depressed

  33. Nardeen Rizkalla

    Nardeen Rizkalla

    2 oy oldin

    Hey coyote can you do some more like fun shows I know everybody might not like them but everybody loves your shows goodbye coyote

  34. That one Smugged Skeleton in your closet

    That one Smugged Skeleton in your closet

    2 oy oldin

    Can we have more episodes with these goof-balls

  35. Krzysztof Krzyzewski

    Krzysztof Krzyzewski

    2 oy oldin

    What if you acsidently step on his head

  36. Junior Herpetologist Animal Inthusiast

    Junior Herpetologist Animal Inthusiast

    2 oy oldin


  37. Kelly Hamilton

    Kelly Hamilton

    2 oy oldin


  38. some dude

    some dude

    2 oy oldin

    1:52 cutest thing ever

  39. lana


    2 oy oldin


  40. Austin Thach

    Austin Thach

    2 oy oldin

    yall just shanghai'd a snake

  41. Tanja Cvjetkovic

    Tanja Cvjetkovic

    2 oy oldin

    now im scared of nature

  42. Carlos Simpson

    Carlos Simpson

    2 oy oldin

    OK that’s Mario

  43. pa reh

    pa reh

    2 oy oldin

    its all fun and games until they hear a tiger roar

  44. EA Estrada

    EA Estrada

    2 oy oldin

    That cockroach creeped me tf out UGHH

  45. Joshua Cabalde

    Joshua Cabalde

    2 oy oldin

    Just listen you wont know who is who

  46. Peyton A’shae

    Peyton A’shae

    2 oy oldin

    Is anybody watching this in corinen

  47. Arlie McDowell

    Arlie McDowell

    2 oy oldin

    Don't do what we do😂

  48. random


    2 oy oldin

    Get stickbugged lol

  49. Wildd Bill

    Wildd Bill

    2 oy oldin

    Look at Mario’s hand at 11:49

  50. Brian Land

    Brian Land

    3 oy oldin

    If I found a roach that big in my house, I'd move. "Welp, I guess it's YOUR house now."

  51. Mya McIntyre

    Mya McIntyre

    3 oy oldin

    Umm ok let’s let Mario take over!!!



    3 oy oldin

    Anyone 2020?

  53. Pineapple


    3 oy oldin

    This is sooooo interesting,this kinda made me focus on school.



    3 oy oldin

    i love the camera gear and lights talk yall should do that more often:))

  55. baby snake

    baby snake

    3 oy oldin

    2:06 welp. We’ve been stickbugged.

  56. Cookie Crumbles

    Cookie Crumbles

    3 oy oldin

    If a stick bug was on me I would die in 1 second ;-; and lay on the ground ;-;

  57. Ed Wu

    Ed Wu

    3 oy oldin

    Be careful of that snake 🐍

  58. The Magnus

    The Magnus

    3 oy oldin

    a roach...can get that big fml

  59. Abhay Singh Chandel

    Abhay Singh Chandel

    3 oy oldin

    That cockroach is too big to be alive and must perish

  60. Dr. W.D Lefty {gay bean}

    Dr. W.D Lefty {gay bean}

    3 oy oldin

    Stickbugs are my favorite

  61. Vicki Part UwU

    Vicki Part UwU

    3 oy oldin


  62. Lee Schaefer

    Lee Schaefer

    3 oy oldin

    Stick bug bugs lol

  63. Kailash FN

    Kailash FN

    3 oy oldin

    That is dum and no

  64. Nihar Patwardhan

    Nihar Patwardhan

    3 oy oldin

    Never seen a roach that big

  65. Happy Sun

    Happy Sun

    3 oy oldin

    Mario picks up a frog Frog screams Mario: awww its talking to me Frog: help meeeeeee 1:51

  66. Teethat Chatuthai

    Teethat Chatuthai

    3 oy oldin

    This is amazing

  67. Toka Yamamoto

    Toka Yamamoto

    3 oy oldin

    2:09 get stickbugged lol

  68. Appaloosa in Action

    Appaloosa in Action

    3 oy oldin

    Tell papa roach to get his damn kids out of my house .

  69. Samiah Ceruti

    Samiah Ceruti

    3 oy oldin

    From the lows and the highs I'll stay by your side. There's no need for goodbyes now I'm seeing the light when the light shines so bright and there's nothing to say but at the end of the day~ I chosse you

  70. Mr Raptor

    Mr Raptor

    3 oy oldin

    Mario Got Stick Bugged LOL*



    3 oy oldin

    My house is full of dam baby roaches

  72. lulu 2005

    lulu 2005

    3 oy oldin

    i found a female praying mantis on my garage this morning. i was really happy because i live in a city and dont get to see cool invertebrates like that often.

  73. Itzshattter_YT


    3 oy oldin

    Hi if u read this I hope u have a great day and can someone help me reach 1k

  74. RubyLeveledUp


    3 oy oldin

    katydid look slike a qualphite

  75. It’s uni xxx_ Playz

    It’s uni xxx_ Playz

    3 oy oldin

    *mario let’s go Frog* FINALLY YOU LET GO U DAMN HOOMAN Papa roach is mad 😎

  76. It’s uni xxx_ Playz

    It’s uni xxx_ Playz

    3 oy oldin

    OMG I don’t know how you manage it’s crazy😳

  77. Dan Mccain

    Dan Mccain

    3 oy oldin

    I have a question if you touch the venom does it hurt you?

  78. karan veer

    karan veer

    3 oy oldin

    Is Coyote carry the camera

  79. Tiffany Jauch

    Tiffany Jauch

    3 oy oldin

    that's one weird lookin rat 5:40

  80. Jeremiah Maza

    Jeremiah Maza

    3 oy oldin

    Omg scary lol

  81. Jacob Norwood

    Jacob Norwood

    3 oy oldin

    Mario is obviously the real hero of the show.

  82. afrojalam1234 md

    afrojalam1234 md

    3 oy oldin

    At home:A cockroach = ah ah. In Amazon: a snake, scorpion, giant frog anything= what so big deal

  83. Zyfix


    3 oy oldin

    2:07 get stick bugged lol

  84. Absolute Doubt

    Absolute Doubt

    3 oy oldin

    Man, these guys were so calm, but if I went to the Jungle and found that roach...let alone had it crawl on me... I’d being going straight to the airport to go back home.

  85. aaku playz

    aaku playz

    3 oy oldin


  86. Joseph Dunegan

    Joseph Dunegan

    3 oy oldin

    Sometimes I have to put down the political crap, and just watch some creepy jungle creatures!

  87. Kenzie Chaney

    Kenzie Chaney

    3 oy oldin

    I like seeing Mario and Mark. Of course Coyote makes the show but it's awesome to see Coyote's friends and work partners actually in front of the camera! It's a new take on everything. You all do a great job!

  88. BeRu


    3 oy oldin

    That giant roach is a nightmare!



    3 oy oldin

    6:56 i like how he like kinda reviews the camera And put the name in the bottom like its an animal

  90. September Savior

    September Savior

    3 oy oldin

    2:08 get sticked bugged lol

  91. JaxxGamez


    3 oy oldin

    2:11 get stickbugged lol

  92. Nice Man

    Nice Man

    3 oy oldin

    I just don’t like the thumbnail

  93. Erik Bodeau

    Erik Bodeau

    3 oy oldin

    YUP. I was doing fine, then I fainted a bit at the end. lol Oh look a snake..... NOPE.!

  94. Husky Glitch

    Husky Glitch

    3 oy oldin

    I found a stick bug on a vacation and I thought it was ants carrying a stick until I saw that it was a stick bug

  95. Xitlhaly Meza

    Xitlhaly Meza

    3 oy oldin

    Aww the little frog that screamed was sooo cute

  96. Yah Mean

    Yah Mean

    3 oy oldin

    If I see a flying giant roach in my house I’m pulling my ak47 out and I will gun it down.

  97. LMoon CatL

    LMoon CatL

    3 oy oldin

    Coyote: sees giant shark Also coyote: Lets grab it

  98. noah kierce

    noah kierce

    3 oy oldin

    why is he so smart when it comes to all these random animals

  99. Slayto


    4 oy oldin

    2:10 get stick bugged lol

  100. Grayson Playz

    Grayson Playz

    4 oy oldin

    2:13 get stickbugged lol