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In this episode, Coyote and the crew have teamed up with Texas Turtles to find a prehistoric giant - the Alligator Snapping Turtle! Coyote and the Texas Turtles crew are working under special permits to record this location's resident Alligator Snapping Turtle population. Get ready to watch Coyote face off with a GIANT TURTLE - like they say, everything is bigger in Texas!

A Gator Dragon sized THANK YOU to Texas Turtles for their help in the creation of this episode. Carl and Viviana are on the cutting edge of turtle conservation and every time we get to collaborate our wonderful friendship only grows stronger. We can't wait until the next adventure, Turtle Power!

To get involved or to help the work they do, please visit their website: and make sure to check out these other conservation organizations that are fighting to help protect our shell covered friends:
Florida Conservation Trust
Sanibel -Captiva Conservation foundation
Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre

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  1. Tys B

    Tys B

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  2. Derpy Is Derpy

    Derpy Is Derpy

    3 kun oldin

    I just want to see a video of one of these turtles with screaming edited in the whole time the mouth is open The video would be like 90% screaming but it'd be funny-

  3. Games Tape

    Games Tape

    4 kun oldin

    dont put pp in there

  4. YaYeet


    8 kun oldin

    The turtle all throughout the video: 😮

  5. Becky Esquivel

    Becky Esquivel

    8 kun oldin

    The turtle has grass hair

  6. SufferAndWitness


    9 kun oldin

    With the luck I have , If I would have tried catching it, It would have bitten my balls off for sure

  7. Khadija Noori

    Khadija Noori

    9 kun oldin

    Why is its mouth open

  8. Vixxel


    9 kun oldin

    The turtle the whole time is like >:0

  9. Alex Alpeck

    Alex Alpeck

    14 kun oldin

    were not gonna talk about how the turtle can keep it mouth open that long?

  10. Toasty !!!

    Toasty !!!

    16 kun oldin

    Coyote jumped so fast that turtle still looked surprised the whole video

  11. dragonlover7196


    18 kun oldin

    GASP! DRAGON TAILS IS BACK i've been waiting for so long! it's so cool to see y'all going back to the snappers

  12. Gavin Poirier

    Gavin Poirier

    25 kun oldin

    Why did you think of this

  13. sovannarith Gamer

    sovannarith Gamer

    28 kun oldin

    Face off more than head off

  14. justjazzy jazz

    justjazzy jazz

    29 kun oldin

    The turtle: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAaaaaaaaaaaAAAaaaa

  15. Modest Tugboat98

    Modest Tugboat98

    Oy oldin

    I’m surprised coyote didn’t drowned being weighted down by the weight of his balls

  16. Finn Robinson

    Finn Robinson

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    What a beast

  17. Tree


    Oy oldin

    You came out to my place in search of a giant snapper a long time ago. Great to see you're still at it! Nice one!

  18. Ashlxy_


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    "I'm Coyote Peterson, and I'm about to end my whole career"

  19. Nicole Milard

    Nicole Milard

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    Prof. Dino

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    James3sm mm

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    For a second I thought the title said face torn off by snapping turtle I was like this gonna be the last video

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    Pierce Reid

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    Yousef_kw 900

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  24. XXDDBOY Gaming

    XXDDBOY Gaming

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    Yo this guy really has the gut to get a DRAGON!!??? More like a snapping turtle

  25. Travis Walsh

    Travis Walsh

    Oy oldin

    That turtle is just looking at coyote thinking I just dare you to stick your hand close boy

  26. Travis Walsh

    Travis Walsh

    Oy oldin

    So who has the most powerful bite? Crocodile? No Shark? No Wolf? Nope Then what? A turtle Ohhhhh....WHAT?!

  27. Speedy Black Sheriff

    Speedy Black Sheriff

    Oy oldin

    Did he glue his hat to his head? How the hell didn’t it come off as he jumped in the water?

  28. Ezra Pabines

    Ezra Pabines

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    Just Kiss The Turtle Cmon You Will Have A Turtle Baby:)

  29. Good Day Paradise

    Good Day Paradise

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    Love this channel!! Coyote is very entertaining.

  30. Nome Cult Joe

    Nome Cult Joe

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    The cure to cancer just may be inside that atrocious mouth.

  31. Alfred John Montoya

    Alfred John Montoya

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    Hey Coyote, What is the biggest snapping turtle you've ever caught?

  32. Mil Gut

    Mil Gut

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    Did you know I'm super brave like you coyote sorry if I spelled it the animal way.

  33. Tony Green

    Tony Green

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  34. heather landskron

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  35. Matt Bibby

    Matt Bibby

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    Lewis Studios

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  37. Breezy Kacen

    Breezy Kacen

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  45. ProudGamer


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    I wonder what the turtle is thinking while Coyote is holding him 😂

  46. Alex Carlson

    Alex Carlson

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    There is a snapping turtle in a pond near my house I named him frank the snapping turtle

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    Ryan Oduor

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    That was so reckless

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  55. MythicShadowz


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    Fun fact. Y’all all prob already know this. But just in case you don’t. Most turtles actually have an AVERAGE life span of 110 years.

  56. Victoria Zepeda

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