Entering Kill Zone with Great White Sharks!

On this episode of Blue Wilderness, Mark and the crew are in Mexico and heading out on an adventure where they encounter their very first Great White Sharks -- in the kill zone!
Get ready, you're about to watch the crew enter the kill zone with some Great White Sharks!
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And another big thank you to Brian Ernst and Will Strathman for their additional cinematography! Follow Will on Instagram to see his awesome photography:
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The Blue Wilderness series is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close marine life encounters! Follow along as host Mark Vins and wildlife biologist Mario Aldecoa lead you on amazing journeys into deepest depths of our worlds oceans. From sharks to shipwrecks there will always be something new to discover…so GET READY…things are about to get aquatic!
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    hi i want to know what if a black snake was in your backyard

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    the shark: I'm Mark Fins and im about to enter the human zone

  4. Ender Dude

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    Sharks have always been so misunderstood, in movies they are always posed as killers without thought. But really, these majestic mammals (Yes they're mammals) are just hunting to survive. It doesn't even see humans as food. Only 10 people were ever killed by sharks. Think about that next time you see Jaws!

  5. Sandra S

    Sandra S

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    A cage with huge gaping holes between the bars, no thank you. I'm sure one can have decent camera lens access without a giant window in the cage wall. 😱 "You go in the cage, cage goes in the water, sharks in the water, our shark......Farewell and adieu to you fine Spanish ladies." - Quint.

  6. Rich PV Pennington

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    Mark vins the 🦈 sharrrrk tamer you tame them ✨completely✨

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    7:43 when someone is opening there phone on the dark to see his brightness is at 100%



    2 kun oldin

    No the largest shark is the megladon but its extink so kinda true

  9. Ima Happy

    Ima Happy

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    That cage that the GWS entered was definitely built by Aussies... "Should we measure the spaces, Jim??" "Nah, she'll be right..."

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    True power of the Camera man

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    i'm coyote peterson and i'm about to enter the blast zone of a hydrogen bomb

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    Beautiful fish,amazing

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    "I'm Coyote Peterson and im going to stick the barrel of this loaded barrett 50 cal into my mouth"

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    “I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m about to jump in the kill zone with the great white drenched in chum”

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    He gave a whole English essay 😹

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    I want to be bitten by a shark on my foot

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    Who’s watching 2021

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    Sharks are very miss understoo, whether it’s how they look or because of films, people are petrified of sharks, and think they are very dangerous when they are kind of the complete opposite. As long as you don’t purpose threat, your completely fine

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    That great white shark is gonna die if orca will attack it.

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    i thought this was coyote

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    entering kill zone with the great white??? wow!

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    You know that the biggest shark is a wale shark

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    “ I am coyote peterson and today... I am ignoring my wife!”

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    Are you dumm

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    Partner up with mark rober

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    that cage had huge holes in it jeez

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    megalodon has entered the chat.

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    Great script. I wish we got more shark facts tho.

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    This channel is amazing! They actually show the good In animals and I actually feel like I’m learning.

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    Can I just say that shot of coyote in the cowboy hat at the beginning was absolutely amazing

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    It’s nice seeing other perspectives from other people with experiences with wild animals or even animals that are being help in captivity with people who know what they are doing

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    Happy New Year to you and your friends and family 🌈🌟🌠🌅🌌🎉🎈🎊✨🎇🎆🇦🇺☄🥂🍻🍹💐

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    0:46 SKIBIDI BA BA

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    Image Coyote "Mark u OK ??"

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    Wow 😳

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    Wow shark :O

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    Wow I can't believe you did that

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    Dude come to Australia in Queensland or Victoria because we have some of the most shark attacks in the world by great white sharks we have at least 1-2 a year

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    It’s official coyote has lost it

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    Shark: Can I have a selfie? Diver: yes Baby shark: bites human Mafia: goes to ocean and kills the megaladon

  46. Brodie Leedham

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    That’s dangerous people at home just stay in Bed have some Coco maybe have breakfast idk Just don’t do what he’s doing

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    Bind accompany every toward safe enough photographer promise execute affair parental.

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    awsome i love it do you guys

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    You are amazing i love your videos

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    I’m mark vin, and I’m taking over coyotes channel

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    I thought the great white shark was gonna bite

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    I wouldn’t do this for all the money in the world

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    That doesn’t look like coyote peterson

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    You guys see the sharks on the bottom with the fish cleaning it isn’t that cool?

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    Are you with Jonathan Byrd from qual lupae island in Mexico??

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      me too i dunno how to swim dat's why UwU i am very scared of water xD

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    I just think shark cages are horribly made. Should be completely closed with way more bars.

  61. Marigold Hakaro

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    I’m Coyote Peterson and i’m about to enter the kill zone with a tiger Fun fact: Unlike most fish sharks can’t swim backwards Fun fact 2: Great whites need to continuously move to breathe

  62. Marigold Hakaro

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    You found a chonker of a great white

  63. Marigold Hakaro

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    The fish you saw were yellowfin tuna

  64. Marigold Hakaro

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    You live through this and you will die through this 😂

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    When this guy dies his skeleton or one of his body parts will be put in the finest museum

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    but, that must be so scary, btw, i love your videos

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    Videos starts at 7:38

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    aw the shark is so cute when it jumped no matter what ever if I see a scary animal and they do something cute i like them

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    Can someone please give me the time of the video that is passsed all the shark part because I have a phobia of the ocean which is Thalassophobia and clicking this video is already far enough for me

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