Elusive Lagoon Mouse

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote explores for the creatures of Bolinas Lagoon including an elusive mouse!
Bolinas Lagoon is a 1,100-acre tidal estuary that is home to a variety of different species ranging from black widow spiders to migratory waterfowl. In addition to its beauty it is also well known for being a birder's "hot spot" that is enjoyed by both locals and visiting tourists alike.

Joining Coyote on this expedition will be Bolinas Lagoon Restoration Coordinator, Kate Bimrose. Kate is leading the vital effort to restore native plant species to the lagoon’s Kent Island but today she will show Coyote and the crew around this majestic ecosystem in hopes of encountering some of its spectacular wildlife inhabitants.
Get ready to learn what lives in the lagoon!
Big thanks to Kate and everyone at the Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association for making this episode possible. We can't wait to come back for another adventure!
To learn more about Kate's conservation efforts visit -
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  1. Linden Stromberg

    Linden Stromberg

    18 kun oldin

    The vole is female, not male.

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    Adam Lewis Jon McBryde

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    Raising Star

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  5. Kulgan


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    I wonder if the instrumental music that plays near the end of the video has a name.

  6. Kiara Jacobs

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    I love mice so much and I even have some(2)

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    Ally catz

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  8. shinnymoon3 aj

    shinnymoon3 aj

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  9. Jbird


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  11. Planet O Reptiles

    Planet O Reptiles

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    Addison Barnes

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  14. blooky


    4 oy oldin

    I caught a vole once too and I treated it like a hamster not how he did and it didn't even bite me maybe because of my past experience in handling.

  15. Julius Ochoa

    Julius Ochoa

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    And yes that is a word

  16. Julius Ochoa

    Julius Ochoa

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    OhLucia OnLine

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    Wanna Monslo

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    Bibriti Kumar

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    Joseph Velthuis

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    Kate bimrose "were pumping saltwater into the island" who knows what could go wrong with that? what cascade of problems that could cause, California is filled with ice plant all over beaches Everywhere! what are you gonna do Kate, your archenemy has you surrounded. cant environmentalists just leave nature alone.

  70. Nileist 666

    Nileist 666

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  71. tasteslikeawesome


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