DON'T LOOK DOWN! Canyoneering is Intense!

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On this episode, Mark and the crew are in Utah near Zion National Park to go Canyoneering! What is Canyoneering, you might ask? Well, Mark is about to show you! Get ready to go on one thrilling adventure and learn about a NEW WAY to explore -- and remember, don't look down! #withme
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    It's kinda similar to mountain or rock climbing kinda....

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    What a beautiful view from the top of "Wisdom Tooth." The colors are so rich, and the experience...amazing!

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    Wow, that thin part of the canyon felt a bit claustrophobic to me Yikes!! I went repelling once, it was thrilling but scary. it seems I have a fear of heights which did not help. That Wisdom Tooth Face looks quite daunting. Great Video, thanks for sharing. :)

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