Digging Up 500 Million Year Old Trilobites! #withme

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On this episode, Mark and the crew are in Utah to visit one of the coolest fossil sites in the United States, U-Dig Fossils Trilobite Quarry, and they're searching for 500 million year old Trilobites! Will the team digs up some incredible fossils? Watch to find out! Don't forget to stick around to the end of the video to see how YOU can take home one of these 500 million year old fossils!
Big thank you to U-Dig Fossils and Shayne, Carrie, Cole, and Jared for hosting us during this adventure! Be sure to head to their website to find out how you can visit their Trilobite Quarry and dig up Trilobites!:
Welcome to Adventures With Me! These expeditions will take the Brave Wilderness audience to new heights and explore everywhere under the sun. Join us to experience a world of adventure through our lens.

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    I used to go to a site closer to home that has amazing Cambrian trilobites like the ones found here. Miss that place.

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    I lived in Salt Lake City 1980-1983. I hunted the House and Antelope Range for fossils when this area was wide open - no mining claims. There were areas were loose trilobites were on the surface. Sad to see it all commercialized.

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    Im curious to know why they are so common there. Or maybe its just the perfect conditions to preservm them

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    Theres a place in Newfoundland called Manuel's river there home to some of the largest fossils In the world

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