Deadliest Job in America - Snake Milker!

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On this episode, Coyote and Mario are in DeLand, Florida at the Reptile Discovery Center to participate in an epic experiment! First up.. they're going to learn about SNAKE VENOM MILKING, one of the deadliest jobs in America! Get ready to watch Coyote assist with some dangerous venom milking to create the anti-venom that saves lives!
So, what happens when snake venom enters the human body and interacts with blood? Watch PART TWO now to see what happens when Coyote mixes snake venom with his BLOOD! -
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    Real Dangerous Snakes in Pubg Mobile map: erangle and sanhok😂

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    I wish let the snake free becuse they need tobe wild and hunt some food to eat

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    Coyote shouldn't have been talking while they needed to concentrate during the snake handling I can see the working face thinking "STFU I got a live venom snake"

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    So cruel to treat animal like that. Just imagine that someone do the same to you by forcing you open your kouth like thiat :(

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      Boy, we wouldn't have anti-venoms if it weren't for these people, I respect you, but just saying

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    why can't they not give them a hide and some interesting stuff in their box seems like such a sad life for them

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    Snake the most dangerous snake because if you get bit from a snake you will died.

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