Coconut Breakfast!

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Welcome to our new series On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and the team experience on their adventures when they're NOT encountering wildlife.
On this first video Coyote decides to have a coconut breakfast and attempt to figure out which tastes better...a brown or a green coconut? However once he gets up in the palm tree he finds an incredible surprise!
Calling all fans of the movie Cast Away, this video is for YOU!

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  1. Cheryl Frazer

    Cheryl Frazer

    Soat oldin

    Fuji ucnom gmbfmtjejjbj$ihihk,nh,h,hkkjkukuk mgjko

  2. 3 name changes Allowed every 30 days

    3 name changes Allowed every 30 days

    10 soat oldin

    Are coconuts a fruit? They look too odd to be fruits

  3. Red Taco18

    Red Taco18

    11 soat oldin

    Can I have the Iguana? I’ve always wanted one. I’d probably name him Badger. Don’t know why but I think it sounds cool

  4. Lucy Smith

    Lucy Smith

    12 soat oldin

    I love Coco-Nuts!

  5. ZxFeature


    16 soat oldin

    Tbh i tasted the brown coconut before it doesnt taste good

  6. LazyMrShikamaru


    18 soat oldin

    What you drank was just coconut water not coconut milk

  7. 90s Hermione •••

    90s Hermione •••

    19 soat oldin

    Sounds like a coconut Sounds like a rock Me: rocks don’t sound like anything lol

  8. Ashley Romero

    Ashley Romero

    23 soat oldin

    Coconuts 🥥 look so good but I never tried it because I can’t find any because they can’t make coconuts 🥥 because of the virus I think and because of the cold they only come out at summer in the hot 🥵 but I like it because it’s warm but not cold 🥶 i don’t like 👎🏻the cold 🥶 because I can get sick 🤒 from the cold 🥶 so yeah

  9. dog on the internet

    dog on the internet

    Kun oldin

    “never attempt to handle wildlife on your own” woah so coconuts are live creatures?

  10. Jenifer Tzorin

    Jenifer Tzorin

    Kun oldin

    M🐨🐰 A

  11. Codey Cummings

    Codey Cummings

    Kun oldin

    Pause at 1:32 Iguana: you interrupt my feast now I will destroy your families lives

  12. Machaela Lechner

    Machaela Lechner

    Kun oldin

    The beneficial connection directly whistle because difference perceptually bury along a succinct journey. berserk, therapeutic sailor

  13. ziv gaming

    ziv gaming

    Kun oldin

    cast away refrence at the end

  14. Franky da boss

    Franky da boss

    Kun oldin

    Do you go to the hospital sometimes and you get on and you’re buying an animal like a very painful animal

  15. Unicorn d0nuts

    Unicorn d0nuts

    Kun oldin

    Me: Eating Coconut cake Coyote: Literally eating actual coconuts from a dang tree

  16. eliot tarjanto

    eliot tarjanto

    Kun oldin

    wilsonnnnn myy guyyyyyyy!

  17. Angry nugget !!!!!

    Angry nugget !!!!!

    Kun oldin

    That’s savage how he asked the iguana if it wanted and then eats it 😭 poor iguana 🦎

  18. Red Taco18

    Red Taco18

    Kun oldin

    Man casualy stuffs a iguana in his pocket

  19. M Chavez

    M Chavez

    2 kun oldin

    Coyote can you get stung by a bee

  20. MooshiMooseGaming


    2 kun oldin

    What is the first thing you do when you catch an Iguana? Coyote Peterson: "I'll put it in my pocket!"

  21. Laura Hind

    Laura Hind

    2 kun oldin

    The deadliest snake

  22. Mine Turtle

    Mine Turtle

    3 kun oldin

    Wow five years ago i feel old

  23. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez

    3 kun oldin

    The gaudy married anecdotally repair because horse gergely risk upon a threatening south america. hilarious, sharp bookcase

  24. Hector Daniel Calvillo Gutiérrez

    Hector Daniel Calvillo Gutiérrez

    4 kun oldin

    7:54 iguana moment 8:52 noooo

  25. Bees just bees

    Bees just bees

    4 kun oldin

    any one:*climes tree* A spiDer! or aN aNt ! coyote: I found an iguana! ima put it in my pocket :D i love how all the comments are about the iguana and coconuts at the beginning coyote seemed actually upset Wilson left then like 1 second later lol anyways

  26. Lilian Mullins

    Lilian Mullins

    5 kun oldin

    can you chri to ete aze much sobarese

  27. MCbutterbear


    5 kun oldin

    “Sounds like a rock” ah yes, the r o c k e e o l i g i s t.

  28. Kari Gregory

    Kari Gregory

    5 kun oldin

    Bye Wilson

  29. 3dgar 7eandro

    3dgar 7eandro

    5 kun oldin

    7:10 ahh.... You should not supposed to eat the inner shell...😅

  30. Fou Seve

    Fou Seve

    6 kun oldin

    samoans will be angry watching dis guy



    6 kun oldin

    It's more good if you put sugar and milk on the coconut

  32. Tiana Ly

    Tiana Ly

    6 kun oldin

    is it good

  33. icy


    7 kun oldin

    i refuse to believe this was 5 years ago

  34. Sam Antha

    Sam Antha

    7 kun oldin

    Coyote: *pulls out knife* Me: *thinking he's gonna stab the iguana*

  35. glowingcrystal


    7 kun oldin


  36. Icy2Cute4U


    7 kun oldin

    That was crazy how he got the coconut and the iguana

  37. angat patel

    angat patel

    8 kun oldin


  38. Zanicuh Z

    Zanicuh Z

    8 kun oldin

    I “got an iguana Ima put it in my pocket” lol

  39. ilaoalfrancis


    8 kun oldin

    y a

  40. WhoKnows?


    8 kun oldin

    This man makes me wanna go get some coconuts

  41. Goodboy Playz

    Goodboy Playz

    8 kun oldin

    I ate the brown meat coconut and it’s really good

  42. Gacha Lacie

    Gacha Lacie

    9 kun oldin

    Your one brave man

  43. Naomi Hernandez

    Naomi Hernandez

    9 kun oldin


  44. Cesarsolano1324


    9 kun oldin

    I love coconuts

  45. Sean Kody Hidalgo

    Sean Kody Hidalgo

    9 kun oldin

    You don't need to eat the skin of the brown coconut

  46. PLAY3R 1

    PLAY3R 1

    9 kun oldin

    Coyote asks Wilson to have coconut part coyote doesn’t give him a chance to eat and Coyote eats it. So no wonder he left he wanted coconut

  47. ·Hxney Macaroon·

    ·Hxney Macaroon·

    9 kun oldin

    “You want some?” :eats it before you can try to take a bite

  48. bb beeby

    bb beeby

    9 kun oldin

    tom hanks didnt have a SOG Seals army knife

  49. 尚之孫


    9 kun oldin

    Coyote: Don't ever leave me Willson, don't ever leave. Your my best friend. Can I have a kiss? *The iguana looks at him and opens it’s mouth as wide as it can and sticks it’s tongue out, licking Coyote* (A few seconds later) *Wilson runs away* Coyote: WILSON! NOOOOO! *He starts crying* Me: It's okay Coyote. Friendship is like glaciers. They stay solid for a long time, but then break apart one day only to form again❤❤😂😂😂

  50. LaDyZiNaDa


    9 kun oldin


  51. LaDyZiNaDa


    9 kun oldin

    I like coconut

  52. capping gamer y

    capping gamer y

    10 kun oldin

    Girls: ewwww a iguana That one guy: I FOUND A IGUANA, ILL PUT IT IN MY POCKET

  53. Jesse Littel

    Jesse Littel

    10 kun oldin

    I geuss IT would smeled good

  54. Y Jaydee

    Y Jaydee

    10 kun oldin

    how you get so many scraches

  55. Y Jaydee

    Y Jaydee

    10 kun oldin


  56. Eggy Gamez

    Eggy Gamez

    10 kun oldin

    iguana:*sees coyote* coyote: u know what this means iguana: *visible confusion and a scared face* what is he going to do with me

  57. Ampilix


    10 kun oldin

    Why is the iguanas tail so long?!

  58. Athestic_Peaches


    11 kun oldin

    The first thing he does is smell it🤨

  59. Athestic_Peaches


    11 kun oldin

    “Ahh that’s ruff on my coconuts”

  60. Noah Steadman

    Noah Steadman

    11 kun oldin

    Coyote: I found an iguana 🦎 Also coyote:The only reasonable thing to do is put it in my pocket

  61. Kaan The Fighter

    Kaan The Fighter

    11 kun oldin

    the guy: have you ever tasted expired fish me: have you ever tasted a expired fish?!

  62. Jerry Yue

    Jerry Yue

    11 kun oldin

    theres no milk in a coconut but theres water in a coconut you need to milk a coconut to get coconut milk

  63. DaCoconutKing


    11 kun oldin


  64. Elaine Weber

    Elaine Weber

    12 kun oldin

    Iguanas don't have diaphragms so don't hold them upside down or vertical

  65. Tonisha Garland

    Tonisha Garland

    12 kun oldin

    The chivalrous reason conversly follow because bangladesh admittedly stay apud a spiritual dancer. legal, puzzled division

  66. Bruh Moments

    Bruh Moments

    12 kun oldin

    Coconut breakfast.

  67. Traffixcone


    12 kun oldin

    The juice for the brown coconut tastes almost like soap. The meat for the green one is good as long as you don’t take a thin slice.

    • pasta. jpeg

      pasta. jpeg

      10 kun oldin

      How is this one of the top comments??

    • Димитар Мајнов

      Димитар Мајнов

      11 kun oldin

      How do you know what does soap tastes like???

  68. TheManBehindTheSlaughter


    13 kun oldin

    The horseman of get in: "GET IN THE BOAT!!" "GET IN THE CAR!!" "GET IN MY POCKET"

    • Me on the toilet after Taco night

      Me on the toilet after Taco night

      11 kun oldin


  69. Lizerd


    13 kun oldin

    That iguana is cute.

  70. ThousandBlades


    13 kun oldin

    A camera recording a guy, recording a guy eating coconuts

  71. ThousandBlades


    13 kun oldin

    Why was this so fun to watch

  72. Sarah Kim

    Sarah Kim

    13 kun oldin

    If u did not know that the green coconuts are not ripe

  73. Seeno


    14 kun oldin

    8:59 when you see a grass hopper but it jumps into prickly bushes



    14 kun oldin

    1:21-1:23 that's rough on my cocoNUTS

  75. XxBlazexX


    14 kun oldin

    1% of the comments: about coconuts 10% of the comments: about the vid 99% of the comments: I FOUND A IGUANA IMA PUT IT IN MY POCKET

  76. Sabinator3000


    14 kun oldin

    It’s a routine to come back to this video once in a while

  77. Yamin Ali

    Yamin Ali

    15 kun oldin


  78. S_miley


    15 kun oldin

    Maybe the green one was better because it’s fresher

  79. SzymonFN.


    15 kun oldin


  80. Kroyz XD

    Kroyz XD

    16 kun oldin

    “I got an iguana, I’ll put it in my pocket” Coyote peterson~

  81. Levi Twoyoungmen

    Levi Twoyoungmen

    16 kun oldin

    "Ill throw the coconut at the rocks"

  82. Hongbin Yan

    Hongbin Yan

    16 kun oldin

    its actually coconut water, not coconut milk

  83. YaMiLeT


    16 kun oldin

    Ive rewatched this video hundreds of times and ive just realized the iguana on the thumbnail 🤦‍♂️

  84. Monica Klapp

    Monica Klapp

    17 kun oldin

    Waste half of the coconut lol

  85. Jurassic Raptor

    Jurassic Raptor

    17 kun oldin

    Coyote: You want some? Wilson: Sure why no- Coyote: *eats* Wilson: I will bite you in your coconuts

  86. Mercedes Wee

    Mercedes Wee

    17 kun oldin

    I love coconut pulp

  87. Yaya March

    Yaya March

    18 kun oldin

    “I found an iguana!” *iguana who this guy he is not a coconut like my friends*

  88. Craftymelon1


    19 kun oldin

    The fact that the coconut fell on the rock and mark ate it

  89. Alexis Centore

    Alexis Centore

    19 kun oldin


  90. Zinzz


    19 kun oldin

    He caught an iguana!

  91. Oren Chazan

    Oren Chazan

    20 kun oldin

    How does coyote clim that tree 🌳

  92. George Neg

    George Neg

    20 kun oldin

    None of my business but...does anyone see the cuts?

  93. BDMethan


    21 kun oldin

    My parents promised if I hit 10k subs by the end of the year there will buy me a new monitor and keyboard. I really need that🥺 Can you check my last montage

  94. woo claire

    woo claire

    21 kun oldin

    Yeah now i'm 8

  95. Aya Hamid

    Aya Hamid

    21 kun oldin

    i love the part where coyote says ' (Laghs) I CAGHT A IGUANA WHILE CATCHING COCONUTS!!!!!!"

  96. Villain Deku

    Villain Deku

    21 kun oldin

    That's not coconut milk that's coconut water Edit: coconut milk is when you get the white outer area inside of the actual coconut and put it in the just and squeeze it

  97. Arielists


    22 kun oldin

    Legends say the Iguana is still eating that coconut

  98. Dennis Lapierre

    Dennis Lapierre

    22 kun oldin

    Tighter Peterson

  99. Kendall Jones

    Kendall Jones

    22 kun oldin

    Iguana: I'm on da tree Coyote: OOOOO AN IGUANA Iguana: D:

  100. ?Cløudy_friendzøne! Emø_Ash

    ?Cløudy_friendzøne! Emø_Ash

    22 kun oldin

    Coyote: Willson NO!Ah WILLSOn!!!! nOoOoOoOoO!!!😫 In SOrrY willSOn!