CHAIN SAW vs ULTIMATE PRESENT! - What's in the Box?

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In this episode, Coyote and Mario receive the ULTIMATE PRESENT! So, what's inside the box?! With the help of a chainsaw and Audible, we're going to find out! HINT: The mystery item has something to do with Coyote and Mario's all-time favorite book! Watch now to see WHAT'S IN THE BOX!
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  1. Emily Brackett

    Emily Brackett

    19 soat oldin

    Mario I love how you where so chill when you asked "why does it say caution. Is it going to explode."

  2. Kirstin Haley

    Kirstin Haley

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    I live in Idahome

  3. Lucas RENOU

    Lucas RENOU

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    Stung by a present ?



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  5. Paula Cook

    Paula Cook

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    I would gladly die happy if i got this for christmas

  6. 林孟翰


    6 kun oldin

    Is it real?

  7. Marina Herrera

    Marina Herrera

    8 kun oldin

    I like the fact that he did a sponsorship while talking to Mario and acts like he is the smartest person alive

  8. jelly minecraft

    jelly minecraft

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    He stop piosoning

  9. Idk a name

    Idk a name

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  10. Jack Lane

    Jack Lane

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  11. Dallas Dannbauer

    Dallas Dannbauer

    12 kun oldin

    I LIVE Your videos

  12. Emily Lopez

    Emily Lopez

    12 kun oldin

    My brother and I are absolutely obsessed with you and I want to do an episode of Coyote's Backyard so badly. I want to go to Purisima creek to catch ensatinas, rubber boas, salamanders, banana slugs, and coastal giant salamanders. I live in California.

  13. Lizard TV

    Lizard TV

    13 kun oldin

    A dog???

  14. Arden Hunt

    Arden Hunt

    14 kun oldin

    welcome to jurrasic park!



    15 kun oldin

    Me that’s a Komodo dragon also me omg that’s so cool

  16. Sheree Farr

    Sheree Farr

    15 kun oldin

    Your so cool

  17. Kayden Buell

    Kayden Buell

    17 kun oldin

    My fav UZtopd really just said Idaho I live in Idaho and i plan to visit here

  18. Lizard TV

    Lizard TV

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  19. Akuda Silver

    Akuda Silver

    17 kun oldin

    Stay brave stay wild and we will sub to brave wilderness hopefully he sees this pls ❤ me I Love Your Channel. Pals. and your Videos

  20. Madeline Garber

    Madeline Garber

    18 kun oldin

    Love audible. Reading the Star Wars Thrawn trilogy right now.

    • Brave Wilderness

      Brave Wilderness

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  21. Accelinx


    18 kun oldin

    How much did that thing cost

  22. Alessia Ayoub

    Alessia Ayoub

    18 kun oldin

    Yay Ben!!! So awesome to see you working with coyote and the team!!

  23. linx 1469

    linx 1469

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    does he listen to mcr

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  25. Oscar


    20 kun oldin

    Mario is the cutest man ever

  26. Will Holladay

    Will Holladay

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    mario is dressed like Alan Grang oh lol other people notesed too



    21 kun oldin

    love your videos btw ♥♥

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    Alex Lopez

    21 kun oldin

    I love Brave wilderness you awesome

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    Dawn mae Gerson

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    Dawn mae Gerson

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  31. Colin Budi Mulia Handoko

    Colin Budi Mulia Handoko

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    how about soundcloud

  32. 서효경


    27 kun oldin

    Why did you name the title chainsaw when there is only 14 seconds of it in the video and you didn't even use it?

  33. Darrah O'Brien

    Darrah O'Brien

    28 kun oldin

    I have your book it is really good

  34. witchiqynne


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  35. witchiqynne


    28 kun oldin

    I like that he’s not doing an animal video

  36. Ashantay Lumpkins

    Ashantay Lumpkins

    29 kun oldin

    That was he cleanest turles I ever seen

  37. Josh GHS 2

    Josh GHS 2

    29 kun oldin

    7:02 - 7:06 Coyote: mini crowbar aww Also coyote: C H A I N S A W me:😆

  38. Dylan Johnson

    Dylan Johnson

    29 kun oldin

    Am I not the only one who thought it was LITERALLY an animal?

  39. Dylan Johnson

    Dylan Johnson

    29 kun oldin

    Coyote: Takes a bite... Munches... Mhm!

  40. Dylan Johnson

    Dylan Johnson

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  41. Robloxqueen Tototo

    Robloxqueen Tototo

    29 kun oldin

    Brave wilderness: whats in the box Me: toys or a dragon

  42. Emily Williams

    Emily Williams

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    The King Of Jotunheim

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  45. Emerald P.

    Emerald P.

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    Hey, Coyote! I liked it when you got bitten by all of those leaches, and when you went to Florida and opened up the two coconuts 🥥.

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    Carlos Guevara

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    Paulie Terembes

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  51. Paulie Terembes

    Paulie Terembes

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    Paulie Terembes

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    Gina Dearmond

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    You dogs name is my name😱

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    Bryson Cooper

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    Also, love how coyote does sponsorships!

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    Bryson Cooper

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    So many animals!

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    Gage Rowan

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    cathyseremban Cathydenz1

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    4:12 ur welcome



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    Gustavo Marques

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    Eggs Benadict

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    Melissa Snyder

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    Stardragon Explorer

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    Awesome Writer

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    Searched online and this skull costs $6,000! Not bad, since I'm sure there's an awesome T-rex skull on display at the Brave Wilderness office right now.