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On this episode, Coyote and Mario are in Tennessee to catch some BIG catfish! This is no easy task, as catching these catfish can truly be dangerous. Get ready, because you're about to watch Coyote catch a catfish with his BARE HANDS -- and get bitten!
Big thank you to Will Goodman and Big Tennessee Adventures for hosting us on this adventure! Check out their website to book your own Catfish adventure! -
And a big thanks to The Seagles for gracing us with some fresh summer jams, check out their YT artist page for more Brave Wilderness favorites - Flock on!
And lastly, a big thank you to Meredith Joyce Houghton for her amazing catfish illustrations!
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    The Metal Hunter

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    11:30 To skip to where they got the fish

  3. Jaylah Wilson

    Jaylah Wilson

    3 kun oldin

    I got stung by a baby catfish I thought I scraped my foot on a rock but I landed in seaweed and something sent a shock down my body I then got out of the water and cleaned it so we walked back to my dad and pain was shooting up my leg so I layed down and screamed we thought it was a poisonous fish but when I showed my pop he said it's a catfish

  4. Studio Anima

    Studio Anima

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    That fish looks delicious

  5. Le reddit silver member

    Le reddit silver member

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    13:21 why'd the guide sound like Arthur Morgan from red dead redemption 2 lol. "How bout that boy"

  6. environment Eller

    environment Eller

    4 kun oldin

    Its called noodling because it looks like ur diving for the guys noodle when he hold u down lol

  7. Million Sights

    Million Sights

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    13:12 Where they find it

  8. Ima Happy

    Ima Happy

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    I'm Coyote Peterson... and I'm gonna tell this feminist to make me a sandwich

  9. Flowdane


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    I'm Coyote Peterson and i will be using my hand as bait

  10. candy . complations

    candy . complations

    6 kun oldin

    Oo this guy is still alive

  11. Faith SSB

    Faith SSB

    7 kun oldin

    Can’t imagine if he didn’t have that glove. Even a 14lb catfish can really rip up your hands with their sandpaper-like mouths. Maybe some day I’ll be able to catch a beast like this!

  12. Yasmeen Muntadher 1I

    Yasmeen Muntadher 1I

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    Don’t understand what shuddered said was the first person to do that to me that he had a little time and I told him that he had a good day at school today he

  13. Yasmeen Muntadher 1I

    Yasmeen Muntadher 1I

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    T the two of the most popular games of this season are played by their teams and their players are the only players who have played the game for a year or two before their first game against them in the playoffs in the last three years

  14. Kei Tsukishima

    Kei Tsukishima

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    I thought the title was refering to me biting coyote....

  15. Jon Lang

    Jon Lang

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    I heard catfish are a part of the shark family .

  16. Micah’s Adventure Backpack

    Micah’s Adventure Backpack

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    That is awesome

  17. Houndon


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    Am I on tinder

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    my dad and his best friend caught a cat that was over 6ft l........... from the riverbank. lol!

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    "whats betta than this? just guys bein' dudes." -that one vine

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    Lowkey looks like Adam Levine when he has the wetsuit on🤔🤫

  21. raven


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    I wonder what the fish thinks, he’s like a god held up by a human haha

  22. Amy Parker

    Amy Parker

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    Coyote you are right he’s really big

  23. Oscar


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    mans living every nature guys life

  24. Rebecca Benincasa

    Rebecca Benincasa

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    coyote ;geting eating by a fish. mark ; can you do that again I was not recording

  25. wilser 23

    wilser 23

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    13:21 he sounds like Arthur Morgan 😂

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    My guinea pig loves seeing your videos she thinks shes a shark and always sees you every wedsday and thursday

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    Catfish: welcome to. Fish. Wilderness and. I. Am about. Enter the bite. Zone. With. Coyote Peterson

  29. Luv Pocket

    Luv Pocket

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    How does this guy even survive these bites and stings he is so brave I would never do any of those

  30. Shaggy


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    I’m coyote Peterson and today I’m going to enter the bite zone with a shark

  31. The reptile geeks YT

    The reptile geeks YT

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    Hi I’m a giant catfish and today I’m entering into the arm zone 🐟

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    Was i the only one that wanted to hug the fish ? XD

  33. SwaggodB 223

    SwaggodB 223

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    Me: it got away Coyote Peterson: it’s not going to get away

  34. Atomic Ninja Zyuranger

    Atomic Ninja Zyuranger

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    9:05 That shot looked sooooo wrong

  35. kayla s

    kayla s

    24 kun oldin

    Did it hurt when you were bitten by the cat fish 🐟.

  36. Scott


    25 kun oldin

    I kept waiting for that cat to jab a barb in Coyote's neck

  37. 2Howl


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    Nice video it just gets better and better

  38. Fun & Games

    Fun & Games

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    9:00 you’re welcome

  39. Stormi Cloud

    Stormi Cloud

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    Im catfish Peterson, and I'm about to get in the grab zone with the American human, lets do this.

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    Flosik 97 balkan gameplay

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    Veliki som

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    River monsters collab with Jeremy Wade please

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    human on a rock drifting trough time

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    i love glasses man

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    Brys On games

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    Tell me when your in Tennessee again because I will gladly search every corner of the Tennessee River to find you.

  44. Ms. Giraffe craft

    Ms. Giraffe craft

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    I have 2 and only 2 words to say. Poor Coyote

  45. Ms. Giraffe craft

    Ms. Giraffe craft

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    Everytime I get to the good parts an ad comes

  46. Jason Brooks

    Jason Brooks

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    You know Coyote is in good ole Tennessee country by hearing that man's voice

  47. chloe finger

    chloe finger

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    Coyote:AHHHGAAAHHH IT HURTS,YEAH HE DEFINITELY ALMOST BROKE MY WRIST...... Will:yeah it's gonna hurt (stays calm the entire time)

  48. chloe finger

    chloe finger

    28 kun oldin

    Will:Ok just let the fish bite you Coyote: ok!

  49. W. D. Smith

    W. D. Smith

    28 kun oldin

    You need to take a look at the bottom of the river channel at Nickajack Dam if you want to see some BIG catfish! A diver went down there a few years ago and saw several that were in excess of 10 feet long.

  50. Aatharv Gowda

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  51. Aatharv Gowda

    Aatharv Gowda

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    By a

  52. Aatharv Gowda

    Aatharv Gowda

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    Hi I am coyote Peterson and today I am going to get run over by a car

    • Aatharv Gowda

      Aatharv Gowda

      28 kun oldin

      By a car

  53. Roman Lapointe

    Roman Lapointe

    29 kun oldin

    I scared of what you consider a predator to that fish

  54. CC DeVille

    CC DeVille

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    Skip to 13:10 for the fish.

  55. Chloë Wright

    Chloë Wright

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    I must say, the fish doesn't look very comfortable the way it's being held.

  56. Cowboy Gamer

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    That brim broke my Wrist

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    How bout dat boi

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    I am coyote Peterson and I got my pp cut off

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    Wow so cool

  60. Literally dont care

    Literally dont care

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    I once caught a grouper that was 900 POUNDS!!! well I help we had to shoot it because he said it was dangerous but it took hours to catch it

  61. Stan804


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    Well he just got catfished

  62. PuppyLover 70900

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    Wow, the things you do for us! 😁

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    This is not fishing .

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    Nice song love it 🙂👍😉😎😎🌚🌚🌚💨💨

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    "I'm coyote peterson and im about to throw hands with a kangaroo"

  67. Kalevipoeg


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    #1 thing Coyote will never, ever do: fish for an adult saltwater crock with his hand.

  68. Mr1994gmc


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    Me: I am convinced this man is not human Coyote : today I’m going to get eaten alive by a giant cat fish Me:😐😑😐😑😐😑 Also me : why Coyote :why not Me: but why Coyote : why not

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    • Eli Jackson

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      Thats gota hrte

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    *european wels laughs in huge*. no seriously thats a big fish !

  71. Ryku Isaigana

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    Everyday, Coyote and crew become men among men, showing us the beauty of wildlife.

  72. Sandy Pineda Blanco

    Sandy Pineda Blanco

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    STOP PUTTING THUMBS DOWN CAYOTE IS JUST DOING THIS TO TEACH US PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  73. Sander Merisalu

    Sander Merisalu

    Oy oldin

    Here in Estonia we have 2-3 meter long catfish (säga), and they are VERY endangered



    Oy oldin

    I'll admit some of the things this guy dose is crazy but like I caught my first 50 pound catfish when I was 7 lol it broke my Dora fishing pole 🙄 my dads friend ate it

  75. Berlin's Long Forehead

    Berlin's Long Forehead

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    *Gets bit by a alligator* Coyote: *"Tis' But A Flesh Wound."*

  76. Blake Benson

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    Omg 🤕

  77. Ethan The Great D3str0yer

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    3010: Hi I’m brave wilderness the tenth, and today I am going to get bit by the great white shark.

  78. Rosewoodowl /v7ron

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    Very epic



    Oy oldin

    Flathead catfish get just as big if not bigger.

  80. Justin LaFollette

    Justin LaFollette

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    If I noodled a blue cat dat big I’d put it on my wall and have a story with proof

  81. Jacob Napier Outdoors

    Jacob Napier Outdoors

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    “ time to get eaten alive by a catfish “ Coyotes famous last words

  82. Pantakan Ploypradab

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    He’s so big I would think that’s Tahm Kench.

  83. Alex Hepworth

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    The biggest catfish species is the Flathead catfish

  84. Kendra KB

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    I'm still waiting for the legendary video of "I'm Coyote Peterson, and I'm about to enter the stepping zone with a lego"

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    I'm coyote peterson today I am going to get back kick by horse

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    do you know what happened to steve irwin? MAybe you should stop bugging animals, leave them alone. Would you like to be pestered as a fish?

  87. VR Matt

    VR Matt

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    “My name’s coyote Peterson. And I’m about enter the slap zone with the angry mom with a belt..” *Screams in Agony*

    • H̥ḀM̥Z̥Ḁ x̥D̥

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      This one😂😂😂

  88. sara sykes

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    coyote was scared of the bass breaking his hand and i was scared of the bass grabing him and pulling him under and drowning him ;-;

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    4 feet!!!!!!!!!

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    Pokémon master in real life, how many of you think.

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    At 11:16 is the first time ever that I've seen coyote Peterson get kinda annoyed and a little sarcastic 😅

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    Keep that thing coyote

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    Imagine being his grandson or grandaugther Hey grandpapa whacu doin *oh nothing just getting bitten by a snapping turtle* Oh cool cool

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    ok he over did it .... it's not that bad ..... cause i done it before .... over acting ..... i hate it ..... can't take this guy serious .... doing this for views

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    Ah, yes, Whiscash

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    This dude is like the wilderness version of Steve-O

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