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In this special Back to School edition of Ask a Biologist, Coyote and Mario are here to teach you about all about Biomes! Have you ever wondered about the different Biomes on our planet and the animals that live in them?! If so, then get your notebook and pencils ready to take notes and get ready to learn! #backtoschool
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    awesome laptop sticker

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    I want to knoe wut the weakest part of a spinosaur and sarco is

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    Can gila monsters shed their tails on purpose?

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  6. GHOST OPERATIONS with Cheuk Guan Ting

    GHOST OPERATIONS with Cheuk Guan Ting

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    if u take deforestation out the equation the asian rainforest is the largest forest on the planet streaching from the ryuku islands to northen Australia, india and the sunda basin

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    As a college student who is not keen to math and science, I respect those who master in the biological sciences. You guys do it for a living and I just can't wait for this semester to end.

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    This was a great video!

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    Les poumons de la Terre = Les Océans. La photosynthèse des végétaux terrestres (forets) libère de l’oxygène en période diurne mais en consomme tout autant en période nocturne. La photosynthèse est un système en équilibre. Par contre, les océans produisent 21% de O2 libéré dans l’atmosphère avec 2 phénomènes bien distincts: la photosynthèse du phytoplancton et l’absorption du CO2 par l’océan lui-même soit en sédiments qui précipitent et soit par l’utilisation du CO2 par les microorganismes comme les coraux et autres! Sources: NASA et Océanographie 101.

  32. Rania Salah

    Rania Salah

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    I am Anas and I like rainforests because there are lots of lizards and I alive lizards. I learned that the amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world almost the size of Australia and has the most biodiversity of any land habitat.

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    Last semester I took biological anthropology & I watched some of these type of videos along w/ some others so I had a little extra knowledge when class started

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      Lyra Sapa

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