Area 51 Plane Crash - WE FOUND IT!

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On this episode of Adventures With Me, Mark and the crew are at Mt. Charleston in Nevada for one of the most ambitious adventures we have ever featured on the channel! Mark is taking you to the very top of Mt. Charleston to find what is left of an aircraft that was headed to Area 51 in 1955! What will they come across at an AREA 51 plane crash site?! Will they find the remains of the aircraft.. or something else? Watch now to find out! #withme
If you are fascinated by this story, please visit to learn more about this incredible mission. We would also like to thank everyone involved in the Silent Heroes of the Cold War Memorial that have honored this mission.
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  1. ADVENTURES with Christian

    ADVENTURES with Christian

    Soat oldin

    I hope everyone knows how long, and hard that hike is. I did the hike a few years ago to see the plane crash, and that hike is tough thank you!

  2. just a random clone trooper with internet access

    just a random clone trooper with internet access

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    next video: i'm coyote peterson and im bout to end up in the mosh zone,of a travis scott concert

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    Sandy C

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    Sophie wonder 101

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    AdinAnimator 07

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    what happened to Coyete? did he die?

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    Old Account

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    All of u soldiers having nothing to do with freedom or peace You fight for financial stability long term benifits free education loop and lots of free perks If u %100 volunteerd as a soldier without a paycheck benifits or glory then in my books you a real hero

  9. Blue Josh

    Blue Josh

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    Plane crash history so interesting

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    Gazelle Richardson

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  11. Heather Lonergan

    Heather Lonergan

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  12. joel roriguez

    joel roriguez

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    there could be bad weather plus somebody could also want to shoot it down cause it was heading for Area 51 so meaning something did not want that thing going over there

  13. Marvel The SpaceWing

    Marvel The SpaceWing

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    someone must haved moved the piece

  14. SherybelleGabby


    12 kun oldin

    In Area 51, There's no aliens. It was...It was... Um. What did he said again about the mission of plane crash?

  15. Hannah Llewellyn

    Hannah Llewellyn

    14 kun oldin

    Why did area people not pick up plane peace that where left there for other people to find

  16. Wikia


    14 kun oldin

    Area 51 Plane Crash was most likely a enemy plane crash from another country probably breaching for impact Nuke but failed.-General Galan-

  17. Aman Saad

    Aman Saad

    15 kun oldin

    Everyone talking about Mark traveling so much with his legs when no one talks about how the camera man has to catch a camera and film literally every single bit of the journey

  18. IAmWonderrXD!


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    I've been a fan for 5 years and a few months and I still don't get bored of this channel! Loved your crew since I was 4!

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    Jo Gut

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    Imagine in a couple if months they quit or sadly all of them fell in a puddle of acid and vanished

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    Xavier Martinez

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    So sad

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    Melissa Snyder

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    Is what there are doing legal?

    • Achowaii :P

      Achowaii :P

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      probably if it isnt they probably wouldnt do it

  22. Helmi 78

    Helmi 78

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    9:10 looks like a face

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    Mark Snyder

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    Glenn Boyd

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    U refound a crashed plane.

  31. FhinxET


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    Why hasn’t anyone cleaned those wires yet, birds are going to eat them..

  32. FhinxET


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    Now we just have to walk back :D

  33. Colton Settle

    Colton Settle

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    “I’m coyote Peterson and this is the remains of a plane with secret docs of a spy pla-“ U.S MILITARY OPEN UP

  34. Colton Settle

    Colton Settle

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    That hydraulic part does look like landing gear from the looks of it and the wires do look like comms

  35. August Reacts

    August Reacts

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    That’s crazy that’s a real Military plane and I know cause of the star

  36. stephanie elliott

    stephanie elliott

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    NOT SO TOP SECRET ANYMORE LOL But it's horrible that the family members couldn't get notified until 40 yrs later. It was 1955 there was no social media amd they could've told the families at least that their family members died in a top secret crash, gave them some good pay out and let them move on. C'mon US government could've been better than that! But when is is ever? lol At least now you get properly briefed as a family, letting them know their l8ved ones died in a mission and thry have a a grieving officer or soldier who helps them set up burial, wishes, the finances aso..... My hubby sadly had to do that job 3 times in his 30 year career in the army and it sucked. Cause basically everything, like the soldiers belongings aso...came to our addy and I opened up the package (as a wife would do lol) And saw the killed soldiers belongings. Busted out in tears 😢 They had just gotten married before his tour and she was preggers with his 1st child 😭 The mission he joined was also secret and paperwork had a lot of blacked out parts, but at least the wife knew he passed on doing something he was passionate about and not many questions were asked. Ppl just want to know if their lived ones are dead or alive! They always claim the government is in touch with Aliens (who by the way just may look like us?) Just food for thought! And they're here to help our planet, so WHERE THE EFF ARE THEY and what are they doing? Cause this planet needs a lot of help!

  37. Pamela Creel

    Pamela Creel

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    you are very smart

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    Shirley White

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    Ok so if heard of this crash before but can you see the titanic

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    Brigel Mandreja

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    Jiaxin zhong Glitter

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    Patrick Phineas Cassidy

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    •-Grace Playz-•

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    Ayesha Lana

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    mg corey

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    Solid Solo

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  56. Solid Solo

    Solid Solo

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    Stephanie Roloson

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    Springtrap Springbonnie

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    Max Meikleham

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    yes it is a piece of the landing gear

  60. Zachary Fassett

    Zachary Fassett

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    Wow very intriguing i never herd of this but it does relate to area 51, which is probably why i never herd of it.

  61. ItzJames


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    Vanilla's Zone

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    Dyako Barzani

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