Brave Wilderness

Brave Wilderness

The Brave Wilderness Channel is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close animal encounters! \n\nFollow along with Coyote Peterson, Mark Vins and Mario Aldecoa as they lead you on a variety of expeditions featuring everything from Grizzly Bears and Crocodiles to Rattlesnakes and Tiger Sharks! Every single episode offers an opportunity to learn something new.\n \nSo SUBSCRIBE NOW and join the adventure that brings you closer to the most beloved, bizarre and misunderstood creatures on earth! \n\nGET READY...things are about to get WILD! \n \nJoin the Brave Crew by becoming a member today -



  1. Stan Fishman

    Stan Fishman

    41 daqiqa oldin

    Why have snakes or other venomous animals evolved the outrageous amount of toxin in 1 bite that's enough to kill 2000 mice?

  2. Emilyyy Poopy heh

    Emilyyy Poopy heh

    41 daqiqa oldin

    Hi coyote :3

  3. H̥ḀM̥Z̥Ḁ x̥D̥

    H̥ḀM̥Z̥Ḁ x̥D̥

    43 daqiqa oldin

    "Im Coyote Peterson and im going in Heat zone with the sun"

  4. Reece Duvall-Walter

    Reece Duvall-Walter

    49 daqiqa oldin

    This should be on 📺

  5. Anna Tull

    Anna Tull

    50 daqiqa oldin

    My name is Anna. At honey brook organic farm last year, I was swimming in the lake and I found a large turtle, and I tried to take it out of the water, and it turned out to be a three-foot-long male alligator snapping turtle, and it removed a decent sized chunk of my left pinky finger.

  6. Alejandro Prado

    Alejandro Prado

    51 daqiqa oldin

    No matter what animal there is don’t touch it

  7. Bharat Vaghasiya

    Bharat Vaghasiya

    51 daqiqa oldin

    Hello hii

  8. Hasan Abdullah

    Hasan Abdullah

    58 daqiqa oldin

    what? snake bites?



    58 daqiqa oldin

    really good if you can be adventurous

  10. Julio Ymanuel Reyes

    Julio Ymanuel Reyes

    Soat oldin

    I got finding nemo vibes about crush the turtle because they were in australia

  11. TH3X Gaming

    TH3X Gaming

    Soat oldin

    So let me get this straight, he not only did it once, not only did he do it twice but he did it three f*cking times. What! Wth🤨

  12. Country Torres

    Country Torres

    Soat oldin

    How are your worms

  13. ㄒㄖ乂丨匚乂ㄚ乙


    Soat oldin

    So paintfull

  14. Sherry Villacorta

    Sherry Villacorta

    Soat oldin

    Poor tribes who have a ritual using bullet ant 😥

  15. Amaan YT

    Amaan YT

    Soat oldin


  16. Emory Ng

    Emory Ng

    Soat oldin

    It’s a sock drink

  17. Hayana safira

    Hayana safira

    Soat oldin

    makkk aku nyasar dari indoooo

  18. TH3X Gaming

    TH3X Gaming

    Soat oldin

    So basically, it’s a giant leech. Good to know

  19. zac couch

    zac couch

    Soat oldin

    This is what aliens do to us, snipe us with darts and play with our sleepy corpses.

  20. muhammad khan

    muhammad khan

    Soat oldin

    can you be bitten by a scorpion

    • muhammad khan

      muhammad khan

      Soat oldin

      the real challenge is this can you do it if you do your name will be viral and i mean really really virul

  21. NCX_NotBunny? BG

    NCX_NotBunny? BG

    Soat oldin

    I was thirsting seing the bloods cuz i am a vampire xD pls give me some bloods i beg

  22. thilaga vikram

    thilaga vikram

    Soat oldin

    Is he acting

  23. NCX_NotBunny? BG

    NCX_NotBunny? BG

    Soat oldin


  24. Carmela Lorenz Mendoza

    Carmela Lorenz Mendoza

    Soat oldin

    Everybody else: Pots are good for stews and soups Coyote: Ahhh (putting in a part of his body that has been bitten/stinged/etc.)

  25. Vladimir Del Orbe

    Vladimir Del Orbe

    Soat oldin

    i have hold a vemines snake

  26. Karin Nah

    Karin Nah

    Soat oldin

    Ga bisa bahasa Inggris

  27. Leron


    Soat oldin

    I didnt know he was in my house

  28. Sangeeta Kumari

    Sangeeta Kumari

    Soat oldin

    atleast they should wear gloves•

  29. ranjani maharajan

    ranjani maharajan

    Soat oldin

    I was literally freakin out here and I'm like omg omg omg omg omg 😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

  30. Sandy Klugman

    Sandy Klugman

    Soat oldin

    No seriously

  31. tinyy_ lasagna

    tinyy_ lasagna

    Soat oldin

    Hornet: Scary Coyote: Scared Me: Nervous Hotel: Trivago

  32. manju rajeev

    manju rajeev

    Soat oldin

    This is the real horror movie

  33. Layla Willis

    Layla Willis

    Soat oldin

    one day coyote is gonna become a ant

  34. zac couch

    zac couch

    Soat oldin

    The most deadliest job in America is actually filming a rap music video

  35. Reddotscope gaming

    Reddotscope gaming

    Soat oldin

    No pls dont get bitend!

  36. TerribleComedy


    Soat oldin

    Coyote is the bravest person of all time.

  37. nep dak

    nep dak

    Soat oldin

    "I'm coyote peterson and I'm gonna detonate this c4."

  38. Nikos Tyson

    Nikos Tyson

    Soat oldin

    mapa malakia!!!

  39. TylerTheWolf


    Soat oldin

    Looks good I wanna try one but maybe not 10

  40. Blue Death

    Blue Death

    Soat oldin


  41. franky james flores

    franky james flores

    Soat oldin

    I like the t-rex i live in the philippines at the lala city you can see me if there two houses so stuck to each other

  42. Sami Fakhouri

    Sami Fakhouri

    Soat oldin

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooh super sayin!!!!!!!!!!!1

  43. Team JAKE

    Team JAKE

    Soat oldin

    Gained a lot of knowledge

  44. Shahinoor Alom

    Shahinoor Alom

    Soat oldin

    If that ugly creature is cute I’m Donald trump

  45. Precious Idiot

    Precious Idiot

    2 soat oldin

    T-Pain but without the T.

  46. aarti tayal

    aarti tayal

    2 soat oldin

    Its very strange that the first round between team paleo vs team fossil ended in tie

  47. Glyndon Waas

    Glyndon Waas

    2 soat oldin

    3:36 who else laughed at the shape of the Ant? 😂

  48. Rebecca Ross

    Rebecca Ross

    2 soat oldin

    Kyoti: I JUST CAUGHT AN AGUANA! The Aguana: *gets pulled into a pocket* HELP ME NOW HELP! AND HE STOLE MY COCONUTS!

  49. Jaden Quah Jun Shern

    Jaden Quah Jun Shern

    2 soat oldin

    I love coyote and the creeeeeeeew braveee wilderness for the go🐙🦑🦐🦞🦀🐋🦈🦭🦬

    • Jaden Quah Jun Shern

      Jaden Quah Jun Shern

      2 soat oldin


    • Jaden Quah Jun Shern

      Jaden Quah Jun Shern

      2 soat oldin

      C I A coyote is awsssssssssssssomeeeeeeeeee????

  50. Nogod Saggaf

    Nogod Saggaf

    2 soat oldin


  51. Valt kaneki

    Valt kaneki

    2 soat oldin

    world record i think..

  52. M M. 69

    M M. 69

    2 soat oldin


  53. Maisarah Abu bakar

    Maisarah Abu bakar

    2 soat oldin

    Ew urgh disgusting



    2 soat oldin


  55. Tropical Island

    Tropical Island

    2 soat oldin

    I literally feel so bad seeing him scream in pain

  56. Skoot Da newt

    Skoot Da newt

    2 soat oldin

    My bearded dragon puts up a better fight than the one in the video

  57. Arya Fadhila Jayakusuma

    Arya Fadhila Jayakusuma

    2 soat oldin

    Wow, I'm People Indonesia Welcome America I Love You

  58. Gffussツ


    2 soat oldin

    its like a drugs to him.. xD

  59. Quincy Smidt

    Quincy Smidt

    2 soat oldin

    me andmy gecko watching this me vanessa is that your brother

  60. James Walker

    James Walker

    2 soat oldin


  61. Demetria King

    Demetria King

    2 soat oldin


  62. Mike O'Neil

    Mike O'Neil

    2 soat oldin


  63. Demetria King

    Demetria King

    2 soat oldin

    o god

  64. BlowDaGator


    2 soat oldin

    8:38 Oh My God

  65. Sanin Zulic

    Sanin Zulic

    2 soat oldin

    Someday he will be immune to all of this

  66. Leila Frazier

    Leila Frazier

    2 soat oldin

    cyotey when you were biten by fire ants that was nothing. When i was 3 i jumped in to a fire ant mound and they went up to my knee biteing and stinging and I chould not move.

  67. Ori Karin

    Ori Karin

    2 soat oldin

    green bean have uv light on his enclosure?

  68. Mustache Boi

    Mustache Boi

    2 soat oldin

    You sure this isnt a filfhty frank or How to basic episode?

  69. Mohamed Terrak

    Mohamed Terrak

    3 soat oldin


  70. Joyce Tilan

    Joyce Tilan

    3 soat oldin


  71. Mohamed Terrak

    Mohamed Terrak

    3 soat oldin

    I feel so bad for him 😔😢 but it is little bit funny 😂🤣

  72. NastyRoid


    3 soat oldin

    9:36 the ear doctor after cleaning my ears

  73. Shadowbladegamer15


    3 soat oldin

    Looks like reaching year 3000 is impossible

  74. seonachilles


    3 soat oldin

    I love your videos:D

  75. Нейтральный угол

    Нейтральный угол

    3 soat oldin

    It's even hard to watch